Sawdust filled skies

Tonight was a long night. In many ways it has been another long day. Get up at 8 a.m., leave to go to work by 10 a.m., then get home about 10 p.m. Today was longer. 2 extra hours really took it out of me. After 8 hours at the bread shop in an 85 degree room, and 3 hours in the woodshop, I am spent. I still have to repeat the process Thursday and Friday.

For some reason I have a splitting headache. It could have been brought on from me not drinking enough, or exhaustion, I know for sure some of it was due to spending an hour installing drivers for the X-Carve. Regardless, I am looking forward to getting home, getting some water in me, then a shower.

Saw dust created, jobs nearly completed.

I spent quite a bit of time just finishing another step on the products I’m working on. I have had a list of tasks I want to complete within the next week. That list is longer than I would normally care for, but I am getting it done. The big items I am still in process on are 2 cheese boards, a giant slab cutting board, and 18 boxes.

So on the boards, I have been working on those since Sunday. I have been gluing random slabs of wood together to try to do something with the wood before I move out of the shop space. I managed to have enough to make a couple of different boards. After letting the glue set, I had to plane them to the right thickness. I made about 10 gallons of mulch like sawdust.  Once level, I had to cut off the rough ends and put a 1/4 inch round bevel on them. It was quick work and kind of fun to do.

I also had a bunch of boxes to start the milling process on. I had cut the individual sides for the boxes and the angle cuts last night. That was a solid 144 separate cuts to do on the table saw and tonight was another 144 grooves cut for the lids and bases. In order to slot in the bases and lids with greater accuracy, I decided on booting up the X-Carve for it. It did take nearly an hour to fully install the drivers and deal with the multiple resets on the computer, then about 10 minutes for the computer to realize that the machine was there, but finally it was functional. I then had to lay out the design in Easel for the X-Carve. It didn’t take too long, but it is fairly technical. I had to create a bunch of layers then check them via the pathing to ensure everything would work out right.


The physical running of the CNC machine is always stressful at first. If the wood fights the design, it will shatter and launch out of the clamps. If the clamps aren’t firmly in place, the wood will launch out anyways. And there are times where the design just doesn’t work and it shatters anyways. Or the machine gets confused and drives itself deep into the surface of the board causing a bunch of damage to the bit and the wood. None of these are good things. Luckily, it milled through the piece of wood without issue. It will take about 8 minutes for it to mill most board, but that isn’t too bad. It would take 30 minutes just to glue the lip on the lid doing it the way I had been (I will post about this later on.)


Regardless, tonight was quite productive. I still have quite a bit of work to do tomorrow night, the night after, and so on… But I am getting it done and still enjoying this. I hope everyone has a nice night. Now pardon me as I get some rest finally, after I see what my cat is trying to do.


A look into the wood shop

The is a bittersweet post for me to be making. This was going to be a post I was going to make something like 2 months ago, but I kept pushing it off to the side. I had been so busy between work and the wood shop that I hadn’t bothered to drag out the camera. I had really wanted to talk about my rather small garage wood shop, I feel it is important to talk about. There has been a rise in maker spaces and hacker spaces, yet the amount of available work spaces for people who want to own the tools is small. I have been looking at that pool for more than a few months to find that I couldn’t afford anything yet, or the rules behind it were too difficult. I am still in the market, looking for my next shop space. I want to talk about this one, even as I am losing it I guess.

I had also had a post that I had been working on discussing the shop space and the state that I took it over under. It would touch on more than a few things I am not keen on wanting to go into publicly. I have had a falling out with my business partner, and I have my problems with him for various reasons…. It would be tough to discuss the wood shop post and not tread on insulting him. I would prefer personally to be better than that. I am struggling to be. So I have deleted about 3 different versions of that particular post…

Consider that a foreword, I hope this still reads well.


Small Spaces for Small Starts.

My wood shop is fairly tiny. I am using a one car garage for my shop space, well kinda half of a garage really. I am sharing the garage with my business partner. It was a good amount of work to liberate from the horde of boxes that had consumed the garage and continues to be a battle to remove the clutter. Even as it stands, I have about 30 to 40 square feet taken by just boxes of stuff. And that space feels much smaller considering the additional spaces reserved for a spare set of tires, several large containers, a mound of really old paints, as well a wood bench that is neither square nor level. The shelves up on the wall were seemingly built by somebody who has never heard of a level.

Regardless of those faults, the shop space hasn’t been too bad. I am a big believer in thinking vertically throughout the space. I prefer to also have most areas be set in a minimalist way. I like clean open areas. They help me think, as well as gives me the ability to let a project take up the room it requires. This isn’t always perfect, but it works well enough. I have my tools and slowly begun to build out areas to hold general work areas for certain tasks. My one real set of shelves holds the CNC machine and has enough space along the floor for me to slide everything else into place. All of my tools with the exception of the drill press and the CNC machine will fit underneath the shelving unit.

As far as the physical tools in the shop, I keep things fairly basic. Infact, I really need to drop a few hundred bucks and finish picking up a bunch of the tools I need, but I have been putting off. I will break things down by the task the tool actually accomplishes. I think that is the best way to approach it.


The tablesaw. This is the most important electric tool in the wood shop from what I have been able to tell. The blade is a stupid, simple concept. Put a bunch of little chisels to carve into the wood on a circular disk. Spin the disk at high speed, then feed wood into it. This thing is the cornerstone of the wood shop especially because with some wood and screws, you can make every jig you need. Whether you need perfect crosscuts, or you want to do complex miter cuts, this thing can do it if you build the right jig. I even use mine for resawing wood down to side, it is incredibly messy…. But so worth it.

I am using the Dewalt #DW745. It is a 15 amp, 10 inch tablesaw. It is highly portable, yet highly adaptable. I actually bought the saw just due to how accurate of the fence on it was. It was easy and fast to adjust. It just worked right out of the box. I did pick up a full kerf blade for it, but I own a total of 4 blades for it. The full kerf (1/8″) 24 tooth blade for cutting the grooves on the vaults as well as 3 thin kerf blades at 24, 32, and 60 tooth. Each blade is fairly particular, but I could spend a solid hour explaining why I own those. I will spare everyone that fate. Instead, I will saw the saw was cheap at about $300 (not including 3 of the blades.) It was cheap, heavy enough to stay put, and has a hell of a solid fence for cutting along. As long as I am pay attention, I can get extremely accurate cuts.

It does have it’s draw backs, but they are pretty few and far between. It hates plywood. Or maybe I hate plywood and hate the way this thing cuts plywood. It also bemoans cutting purpleheart and does complain cutting through paduak too. The fence should be checked fairly often, just to make sure the measure is set to the saw blade thickness itself. The short top on it eases with portability, but it lacks mounting points for extending the work surface area. There are no mounting points for outfeed tables too, which kinda sucks. It does function fairly well with the crosscut jig I have made, and I will do a full article on it too. The crosscut jig has fallen off of the table on a few occasions just due to the small worktop and it being a single rail jig… Again will talk about it and why later.

Still it is solid. I would have to recommend it.


I have a fairly basic set up. I have a drill press, the Wen 4208. It is small but it does the job. I also have a Ryobi D43K, mainly because I am cheap bastard and don’t mind the cord on it. I would rather save money and pick that up then stress the extra cost of a cordless drill.


Okay, most of the money in my shop is tied up in routers and routing. When I say routing I am not talking about the thing that gives people wireless. I am talking about the ability to remove wood using bits that spin around an axis meant to cut grooves, lines, or other shapes. It is hard to explain, but there are things a router can do that would take hours to do by hand, or just can’t be done.

I have 2 different types. I have the CNC machine which is a large platform with motors that guide the router itself over the platform. This allows for it to cut down into the piece, then is guided through the piece via a computer. This whole process is long and complicated. It requires digital files, checks, counters, clamps. It is long technical and involved, but it is also an extremely precise machine with the intention of being used in that manner. I am using the X-Carve by Inventables. Mine is the smaller 500 mm machine and is amazing. I love that machine. I wish I had more time to use it and hadn’t been so foolishly tied up the past 4 months that I have had it.

The other machine is far more barbaric. It still uses the same bits, but it isn’t computer guided. It is literally a spinning bit with a platform that you rest the wood on then feed along a fence into the blade. It is not terribly technical in any sense, yet it does a really good job. It takes only about 20 seconds to set up the table top router to do a job, and typically once set, I can do every cut I need at just the one setting. It is just a matter of feeding everything through the tablesaw then bringing it over. I love my router, it needs some upgrades to accuracy, but I didn’t have the money to get one of the really accurate tables. And with that, I am using a Kreg router table, the PRS2100.  I have a Bosch 1617EVS for the actual router. It is a great set up together. I just need to remember to remove the locking wrench from it when I go to change bits. I have left it in about 3 times and turned on the machine….

Sanding and Shaping

For this, I have a couple of cheap sanders. I have a really cheap electric “precision sander,” the tool is quite awful but it does save time if I don’t feel like breaking out the hand plane (I really need to sharpen it.) I also have a random orbit sander. It does a great job at making quick work of stubborn pieces and if I ever get time I will convert it into a makeshift drum sander. I just need to build an outfeed table and probably need a bigger one. Still, those work quite well.

The electric Planer is the last big tool I own. It really is a great way to take care of all my wood. It is used to shave the wood down to the thickness you need. For me, I do a lot of resawing now on my tablesaw. The tablesaw gives good results that actually is consistent. That said, I need to be able to take them down to an even thickness. That is where the planer comes in. I cut my wood down to the right thickness, then feed it through the machine. Several dozen passes later, I have consistent boards at the right thickness. This also works wonders on my cutting boards whenever I make those. In general the Wen 6550 does a good job. I did have an issue with it suddenly being live… I think a wire came loose and the ground wasn’t set so suddenly it wanted to run electricity through me. It wasn’t too big of a deal and it has survived some abuse.

That is my shop.

I will be leaving it soon enough. I may be out of there by the end of this week or the end of next week depending. I am not really looking forward to it, so I am going to be spending quite a bit of time engaged in it over the next 2 weeks if I can. Like I said in the beginning, this is bittersweet. It is really far from where I live, but it… It was my first shop and I had had quite a few plans that didn’t anticipate moving out so soon. Regardless, thank you all for reading. I hope you all have a nice night.


Back up, back on

I believe I’ve done about it 10 miles today with all the running around I had to do. 

Things were off to a bad start with the pain I had woke up in and the fact that it felt like somebody had taken a tire iron to my left shoulder. I didn’t work out however I did actually towards setting up this week. I prepped the food I had bought, made a small batch of hummus. It all went fairly quick and the cutting of vegetables was rather therapeutic. I may have spent over an hour mentally thinking through what I would say to my now ex-business partner and thought of how that may go. My cat kept trying to attack me with cuddles. She knows something is wrong.

Afterwards, I felt ready to take on the world.

Finally by noon I left the house. I had to pick up about 100 neodymium magnets. The store I go to for them was down to a single pack (which is about 10.) I just said fine, left, and after a bit got down to the store to pick up a bus pass for the month.

I was about halfway to the shop when suddenly there was a change… The cap on the bolt for the bottom bracket sheered clean off the bike. Suddenly, I had no crankarm on the bike. The engine was dead on it. I had no choice.

I had to walk 2 miles carrying the crank.

I got to Westerville Bikeshop. It felt like I was walking forever. It was 90 degrees out, with a feel of over 100. I had also made the mistake of wearing next to all black on a black bike. Regardless, I got to the bikeshop and proceeded with having a weird experience with shopping with them. I walked in intending on purchasing a new crankset. I didn’t really have the funds to do it, but it made sense to get everything done at once. Instead, I was turned away on it. I was told no on purchasing a new crankset like I wasn’t allowed to do it. He wouldn’t even show me the ones he had in stock and told me something about having one piece mealed together. A blank bottom bracket with a shimano crankarm and a separate chain ring. It took a 200 dollar fix to something that would have been over 300 dollars and wouldn’t match the bike at all. I wasn’t pleased. 

Still, he twisted my arm into just replacing the bottom bracket and refused to give me options on getting a nicer one. He made me leave the store for the hour and half it took to get the work done. Which meant sitting outside waiting in the heat again. Finally I got the call to pick up the bike. I needed food and water which unlike every other bikeshop in the area, they sold nothing fot that. And as I was waiting to check out, I managed to find a case that had the SRAM omnium as well as a white industry rear freewheel. Both were things I was considering picking up. 

The only part of shopping there I liked was when he complained that my bike was very noisy. He suggested that I have the headset replaced and the seat post. The seat post might have been an honest need to replace but the headset is expensive and rather nice. I told him it is just loose and he explained how to get it fit on there proper. Which was kind of him. He also explained that I needed to grease the seat post shaft and receiver so that it wouldnt wouldn’t make some of the noise it had been. Once I got home, i discovered he had been correct and it made a massive difference to the bike.

And she can ride again.

Aftwards, I met a very lovely and kind cyclist who I got to chat with a few. She was a little ripped up from cycling the day before, she had had to swerve from hitting a kid and ripped up one of her legs.

We chatted as we tried to dodge the heat. It was quite pleasant in the shade. Not too much later we were on our separate ways. I passed a girl who was wearing something underneath her tank top that had some amazing lacework. I also passed a couple of weekend warriors and a guy that looked ready to collapse from the heat. He was downing water like mad while cycling. 

Finally, I got into the shop late. Very late. I still accomplished a fair amount of work and still have a fair amount left. I hopped on the bike, grabbed a drink and took the bus home. I am going to be exhausted by the time I get home. I would love a twenty minute shower or a nice long soak in a tub with some Epsom salts, sadly I have no tub….

Regardless, I’m back on the bike. I hope everyone has a pleasant day. 

Edit: also, I felt I wanted to expand on what had happened. So all of that had happened on Monday the 12th of June. 

The time is coming….

I have gone far too long not meeting what I want. I need to start riding on my bike again. I have to get that merciless beast of steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber dashing across pavement once again. I have gone too long without the feeling of the wind across my skin, or the sound of road passing underneath those wheels. I have to restore the bike to what it should be and reforge it into the perfect machine yet again.

For the last 8 months I have not been on the bike, in a vain attempt to protect myself and maintain my body, I have not been on her. I need to change that immediately. If I am honest with myself there are ways to ensure that that will become the case. There are ways to ensure that yet again I become the cyclist I once was. I have the tools, I have a shop, and I have the desire to make it happen.

I hate that I have not been sleeping and when I do I dream of the bike.

I dream of riding again.

I know I haven’t been willing to ride just because I have been hit twice since moving to this area. The people in this city are terrible at driving and frankly will probably kill me if I ride too much. I have been hit twice. I only accomplished maybe 2000 miles and was struck not once, but twice. The second time was far more serious and not by accident. It has scared me off of the bike and onto my feet. I have been complacent in my lack of will to ride the bike and frankly I need to start. I have to prioritize getting the bike rideable. I still need one new piece to make that happen, just one gear and I will be able to mash concrete yet again.


Sorry, if this came across as aggressive. I just feel I need to be. I need to force myself into doing this. Thank you all for reading, I hope everyone has a good day.


13th of May, 2017

Last night was different for me.

Last night was the first time since high school that I slept on a proper mattress. Or at least a proper mattress that was mine. For the last 8 years (gods, it really has been that long,) I had crashed on about every surface. I had crashed on the floor, couches, sleeper sofas, miserably thin mattresses. Occasionally, I would find myself passing out on a friend’s bed from sheer exhaustion. Or on even rarer occasion, I would be with somebody and find myself drifting off to sleep.

I had gotten used to being able to sleep next to anywhere. I had even found myself falling asleep sitting upright or leaned against a wall. It was just part of my life. I have always struggled with sleeping and begrudged any possibility of wanting to attempt to improve my sleeping conditions.

Yet when I moved up to Ohio, I knew immediately that I would have change.

My aunt spent the majority of the last two years talking to me about the possibility of replacing my mattress. To be fair, the one I had been crashing on for the last year and a half was probably older than I was. It was truly ancient. It may have had mold (which could explain my health issues) or just crumbling springs. It was a terribly ancient mattress and box spring.  She and my pseudo-uncle (long story…)  offered to help me get the mattress. It wasn’t much but it was enough for me to finally justify it.

Nearly $450, I had a new bed with new sheets.

I am still undeniably poor, so I ended up picking up a $350 mattress in a box style mattress. This one is a combination of foam, both a softer breathable foam and a harder support foam. I picked up the full size which is more than large enough for myself and my cat despite her efforts to take the entire bed. The bed still weighed something like 68 lbs and had to be taken down a flight of stairs. I also had to figure out how to drag the old mattress off then negotiate the new one onto the platform I had made for my bed.

Cutting the bag open was fairly easy despite me piercing the inner bag allowing the mattress to start to comeback to standard size. It took it all of about 10 minutes to seem to be full size again and my cat decided she was going to camp out on the bed until I finally kicked her off to put on the new sheets. I hadn’t realized it at the time, but my new sheets are the same shade of grey as my cat, so Gwen kinda vanishes on them.

On sheets.

So bed sheets are just as important as a good mattress in my opinion. My folks taught me early on how important good bed sheets were. My mom’s rules were simple. Rule One: Always 100% cotton. Rule Two: Know the thread count.

Typically for her, she justified it as a if you wouldn’t wear the sheets, then you wouldn’t want to sleep with them. Cotton is lightweight, breathable, yet capable of standing up to a few years of washing. Higher thread count meant that it would be softer or just nicer as it is washed. Typically the lowest somebody might want to go would be 300 or 320 thread count. The ones I picked up were 800 thread count. I would love to order proper bed sheets from a company like Parachute which does silk sheets or extreme high thread count and quality cotton sheets. I just don’t have the cash for it.

Also, a final word on bed sheets. I ended up going with a set that were a flat color. Designs can work quite well with most beds. However, embossed or sheets with embroider ends are a bad idea. Satin finishes are as well. The first tends to be something you an actually feel on your skin and will hurt. The second has a tendency  to not withstand being washed and can be damaged easily.

Anyways, so yeah. Good sheets on a descent mattress makes a difference. I even had a set of backup sheets for the sleeper sofa mattress that I would pull out when I had certain company or I just felt like I wanted to spoil myself that had that was in fact that much better.

A first night of sleep.

I have been sick most of this week, so consistent sleep is an issues I tend to struggle with. I also know myself well enough to a night of just sleep without tossing and turning would be an impossibility. I need to get back on the bike as well as running to make that happen. I effectively have to go back to destroying my body again to be able to achieve sleep. So all things considered, I slept quite well. I still have some stiffness in my back that I could probably stretch out then be find. I have to get to that point first. Gwen seem to sleep quite well. Despite her anger with me moving around a lot. She also hijacked the entirety of the bed and had me pinned on the edge against the wall. She is such a lovely little brat.

Regardless, I will take pictures and post more on it soon. I need to finish building the base for my bed as well as figure out exactly how I intend on getting my computer stashed beneath my bed. I hope everyone has a pleasant day, I need to had off for work and see if I can manage being in one day this week.


5th of May, 2017


I tend to try to make my posts balance between happiness or joy and the things crushing me at the moment. Sadly, this won’t be one of those posts… I will try to keep the complaining to a minimum. I have been under a colossal amount of stress and it doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon.

Most of it stems from my current job.

I have always struggled at my jobs. I have been in retail for more years than I can believe. I have been working different forms of retail for a decade now. Whether it was working for my mom at art shows, the gas station, or like now where I am selling bread. Retail forces people to interact often times in the worst of conditions under duress with a massive differential in terms of power. “The customer is always right,” that creates so much stress when it comes to power in terms of the relationship.

I am sure people will say that it isn’t a relationship. Technically it is. It is the relationship of a seller and a buyer. Patrons and patronage are a viable interaction. It is important. Unfortunately, that interaction is almost toxic in most retail positions here in the states. It doesn’t help that the concept of being happy and content in a job is not part of the equalization. So our customers come in angry to deal with people who are miserable….

That is belief and I am not going to use that as an excuse. It is just something I have noticed.

Now where I work I would be happy. I am in a small(ish) bakery, that should be producing exception bread and sweets. We have a lot of different factors stressing out everyone involved due to problems with management (or lack there of,) the constant construction that is strangling our customer basis, the slipping of basic standards due to what feels like the owners’ disillusionment with what is going on. I have feelings on what I could say to blame it on him about it, but I understand. He has an incredible amount to consider and as of a few months ago he was forced to carry more of that burden than he has in years. Yet he is slow to exact change and progress. His hesitation and lack of will to seek out progress will shut his business down.

The business has been there 22 years, and will be closed by next summer if he continues.

Anyways, that is the backdrop for it. Sorry, I know it is a lot of set up… but it is hard to look in on the situation without some semblance of what has been going on. And a lot of the problems stem from what is if anything a good idea that is good on paper…. but terrible on implementation. We have a sample board.

Our customers can come in and get a small sample of the bread and get an idea of what they think of the bread they may be buying. It is intelligent really, seduce them with excellent bread, ensure that they will be happy, and watch them pay up nearly six bucks for a loaf of basic white bread. Yet, that idea doesn’t work. It is a failure due to the way my boss goes about it. Because instead of wetting somebodies appetite, he is feeding customers. They can come in for a free sample of bread. They can get a massive slice of bread with butter (and they used to do honey…) We probably are giving away nearly $500 a week in bread or the equivalent of $26000 a year.

$26000 a year in free bread.

That is an incredible amount to give away. That isn’t including the amount being trashed when people touch the bread. Which used to happen all the time, until I built a barrier for it. People still try to touch the loaves. That number is excluding the butter given out and the time spent at the board. Now, that number could be looked at an investment towards future sales but that concept is shaky. We don’t require people to buy anything to get a massive sample of bread. People have told us that they are coming in just to get a slice. Or they are getting lunch or dinner in the form of a free slice of bread with butter. Moms and dads bring their entire family by to get free bread. People drive out of there way to get it, then leave. Hell, the local high school used to have the track team stop in to get free samples for the entire team. Those kids who do it may buy a loaf finally after about ten years, but that is a stretch. The others won’t be back to buy, but to keep trying breads.

There is no way that is sustainable.

Now the customers expect massive slices with enough butter for 2 loaves of bread. They will refuse to talk to anyone until they have a bread sample. More than half the people who come in the store pull this with us, and we are stuck watching it happen. Its beyond disrespectful. Frankly, there is nothing we can do about it either. My boss laughs it off and then curses the customers. Or like last night, I got cursed out by a man who thought it was rude we had broken down the board when we always do. He was angry he came in and couldn’t get a sample for him and his wife. I apologized but no it was rude. All because I explained that we break down the board.

Anyways, I have to get into work and will explain more later on. I hope everyone has a pleasant enough day. Take it easy.


2nd of May, 2017

Gods, Okay…. I went another month without so much as a single update. It has been an extremely busy month at that. I seem to be spending all of my time between the business and work. The few moments I get outside of that, I spent with the cat. Yet, no matter how much cuddling and petting I get to get in, I am still exhausted.

My shoulder feels spent. My thumbs ache. Today I struggled through a terrible migraine, just to work for several hours sanding. I got through it fairly fast, but I couldn’t trust myself to touch any of my more aggressive power tools. I kept making mistakes. I would zone out or lose contact with the surface while the sander was going. I caught my fingers, my arm, my chest, legs…. I lost friction 7 times and only manage to stop it from going into me the first time. Normally, I’m not that bad… Yet, this migraine took it out of me.

The only benefit is that I manage to get the sanding done. I still have a bunch of work left to do, and get ready for game day. If I have the time, I plan on making a couple of posts about MTG and some of the other nonsense I am looking at. For instance, I am finally going to be moving into a place I can actually enjoy. It is just a matter of getting to that point. I should also say, that is moving in with my shop and into a place with a kitchen. Cause yes… That is how low my standards are.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a nice one. I will be on again soon enough.



22 of March, 2017

There has been a lot of stuff going on in the shop and I feel like I am scrambling around to try to get what is needed done. Today and tomorrow I will be working probably all day. I will be lucky to be getting back to my house around 10 at night.

This is something I want, I just hate that I have to split my time in such a terrible manner. I want to work in the shop more, but I am still doing the same thing. I am milling and designing vaults. I definitely enjoy the system I have in place to do it and am working towards getting my hands on the needed tools to upgrade what I have in place. Accuracy is one of the most important parts of what I am doing, and I have to have every cut align perfect with what I need. I am working to reduce chip out as well as adjusting my angles to make sure everything is perfect. Or as close to perfect as I can get.


All said, I also want to explore making additional products. I want to make jewelry boxes, I want to try making a shelving unit, drawers, completing my bed. I want to improve the things in my life and in time work on improving the things I have in place. I am at a loss for time, but I am trying to find enough to let me enjoy what I am doing with my life thus far. It isn’t easy, its far from simple.

But, it is what I am trying to do.

Of course, I feel like I am suffering in other areas. I am barely in contact with anyone. I miss chatting with many of my friends. I have a couple of people back in Florida of whom I can talk with on occasion. It’s strange how comforting their voices are and I yearn to be able to hang out with them. I need time away from all of this but I don’t want to take it or have the ability to.

I also miss being able to chat with a few of my friends, they are either super busy or actively dodging my texts. Most of them are women and they are people I care about. I like them for their points of views and one of them I am concerned about due to the state her life is in. I want to help, I want to listen and feel like I am a part of their lives in some minor way. But, instead I feel like I am somebody they don’t want to deal with or that I wronged them somehow. My brain loves to torture me on it and I can’t help think of things that I may have said or done that would have ostracized them. It’s depressing. Between that and the stress with the small business, my imagination is in overdrive. Sleepless nights, nightmares border lining on night terrors, and stress/pain on my physical body; this is literally starting to wreck me. I hate opening up about it but I just wanted to get the words out there and in a form where I can digest them.

Still, I press on.

I guess this is cathartic for me and thank you to anyone willing to look over it. I really appreciate it. Anyways, I may be posting more images of what has been going on in the shop and projects I am working on. The weather is almost good enough to start cycling again. Gods, I am looking forward to that bike again. Anyways, I hope everyone has a pleasant day and I will try to hop on again soon.


8th of March, 2017

I figure I am going to take some time this month and try to work on actually posting more often. I don’t have a ton of time before I am due into work, so I am just going to post a bunch of the pictures of what I have been working on. I hope you all enjoy.

Have a nice one.


25 of February, 2017

Alright, I forgot to post a bunch of the pictures of the other work I have been doing on the shop. Not all of what I have is accurate. I got in the controller board for the X-Carve yesterday and am in progress of assembling it at the moment. I also rebuilt the Crosscut sled for the tablesaw.


I built the first one really just using a bunch of scrap I had laying around the shop. It wasn’t the best, I had a little too much play in the miter ribs that keeps it aligned. My cuts weren’t accurate to what I wanted, and I ran into some issues in trying to figure out how to get consistent cuts across every box that I make. I settled on drilling registration holes in the fence for it and making a stop block. It would ensure that every cut would be perfect, or closer to perfect. It was mainly a matter of safety. Most of the jigs I see people make are a matter of safety.

I ended up coming up with a second version of the crosscut sled as well as a better system for greater accuracy for the stop block system. I am now accurate within a margin of error of .001 of an inch. Which is pretty phenomenal.

The X-Carve.


I really need a tool like the X-Carve. There are so many weird projects I work on where having a tool that is more accurate than what I can do by hand, and would allow for me to make things using more powerful tools would be nice. This is a CNC router. CNC effectively means computer controlled. You enter everything into a program and the program sends the instructions to the machine. From there, the machine will just do as it is supposed to. The system allows you to create projects quickly and with ease.

This particular one by Inventables comes as a kit. You assemble everything. The instructions are entirely clear, but the directions start to make sense after a certain point. Everything snaps into place and should fit with relative ease. It is a solid 9 hours to build one of these machines, but it does mean you know how everything works. It just makes it that much easier for you to troubleshoot. Of course, it helps if you enjoy assembling items like this and don’t mind the amount of time required. I will be posting more information as well as a review here soon. Also, the rest of the pictures of it and the kit are below.

Anyways, have a nice one!