The Bike

The Bike


This is my beast of burder. My bike. It started off as a Scott OTG 20 that I picked up on sale. It was a 2011 model that had seen enough sun to transform the white tires into tired yellow ones. It came with a matching black and white paint job that was pretty nice, if not just a little on the hipsterish side. The writing across it was… well, it was as if the crew at Scott went,

“Fixed Gears are popular with the youths.”
“Yes, yes it is, Say isn’t that Twitters also quite popular?”
“Why not write on that text across the bike and make it gloriously liable to sell.”
“I say chaps, that is quite the idea! We shall be rich, but just incase lets do one in lemon yellow with the classic look.”
“Like the ones we grew up on during the great war?”

Anyways, you get the idea. The writing on it was a little too much. I found swag and no barbie on it in various locations. Of course, the idea of a bike with white parts, white chain, black body with white text, and a similar theme through out was nice. It grew on me, except for whenever somebody asked me what it said. Then I just cringed.

It was too hipsterish for my blood.

Mile 16642</span

Its componentry was terrible and with in an hour of owning this thing, I had stripped off more than half of the parts and began to reconstruct it. I had the technology. I could make it better. Faster. Stronger… Oh wait. Actually I kinda did do exactly that. I had all the parts from my tri bike I eviscerated. And so, I frankensteined a bike together. And the result is the magnicient beast I ride now.

Of course, it still needs some work and I am mid process on replacing some of the parts on it. So between the original Syntace handlebars, Thompson seat post, Shimano track freewheel (17t,) and the All-City rear hub the bike is heavily modified. I still need to slap a new crankset on it. I am looking at the Sram Omnium and opting for a proper Shimano Dura ace chain. Eventually I will redo both wheels, Velocity rims or Mavvics. And I am looking at slapping in an All-City Sheriff front hub as well.
By then, the only thing that would need to be replaced beyond the brakes would be the frame. For that, I have one in mind. Of course… I would love a Dosnoveta or an Ibis frame, I just don’t quite have 1600 bucks to drop on just a frame. Yet anyways.


The. Graveyard.

coming soon, all the bikes I have left as twisted metal bits, bloodied and damaged. Right now there is like 6 bikes that should be here. Yeah. I totaled 6 bikes.<a


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