Long nights and calibrations

The past 2 weeks have been a bit of a blur for me. With the exception of last Sunday, I have work 12 hour days, everyday. My days are beginning to bleed together as I struggle to accomplish all the goals I have left for the woodshop. I have been attempting to cram in as many boxes as possible. I want product for Hour of Devastation pre release here in about 10 days, yet I am still finishing all my outstanding orders for the Kickstarter. 

I spent 3 hours attempting to square, align, and calibrate the X Carve last night. It was a very long and fairly complicated process. I had to square up the X and Y axii on the machine then attempt to tighten down the belts. I honestly feel I should buy a new guitar tuner for the machine just for the belts. I did run into an issue where the silkscreen grid was not particularly accurate and aligning my pieces to the Y axis was a nightmare. I now need a perfect match along that axis for some of the larger products I am working on.

To get that, I kind of cheated. 

I figured that I needed a fence. There was no really good way to accurately clamp a fence in place, and have access to the holes needed for clamping. To get it to work out, I had to use a thin piece of wood, maybe 1/8th of an inch. I threw a small piece on the drill press, knocked out some rough holes for the clamps, then drilled it directly to the CNC work bed. I used my homing switches and set the origin again. Then told it to cut. It milled off just what was the technical zero on the CNC cut bed. From there, I could push any piece against the fence. Once against the fence, I had to align it to the new zeros I had set and every piece has been perfect since. 

It was literally like 3 hours of works and tests to get a consistent cut. I honestly cheered and clapped over it. I now know and trust my zeros on the machine. If anything the problem I will run into for now on is a simple one. Soon I won’t have a shop, and I will need to get it all set up again.

This is an array of the stuff I’ve been working on. I’m on mobile, so sorry if this doesn’t look as good. I just haven’t had the time to do some proper posts. Have a nice day.


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