Sawdust filled skies

Tonight was a long night. In many ways it has been another long day. Get up at 8 a.m., leave to go to work by 10 a.m., then get home about 10 p.m. Today was longer. 2 extra hours really took it out of me. After 8 hours at the bread shop in an 85 degree room, and 3 hours in the woodshop, I am spent. I still have to repeat the process Thursday and Friday.

For some reason I have a splitting headache. It could have been brought on from me not drinking enough, or exhaustion, I know for sure some of it was due to spending an hour installing drivers for the X-Carve. Regardless, I am looking forward to getting home, getting some water in me, then a shower.

Saw dust created, jobs nearly completed.

I spent quite a bit of time just finishing another step on the products I’m working on. I have had a list of tasks I want to complete within the next week. That list is longer than I would normally care for, but I am getting it done. The big items I am still in process on are 2 cheese boards, a giant slab cutting board, and 18 boxes.

So on the boards, I have been working on those since Sunday. I have been gluing random slabs of wood together to try to do something with the wood before I move out of the shop space. I managed to have enough to make a couple of different boards. After letting the glue set, I had to plane them to the right thickness. I made about 10 gallons of mulch like sawdust.  Once level, I had to cut off the rough ends and put a 1/4 inch round bevel on them. It was quick work and kind of fun to do.

I also had a bunch of boxes to start the milling process on. I had cut the individual sides for the boxes and the angle cuts last night. That was a solid 144 separate cuts to do on the table saw and tonight was another 144 grooves cut for the lids and bases. In order to slot in the bases and lids with greater accuracy, I decided on booting up the X-Carve for it. It did take nearly an hour to fully install the drivers and deal with the multiple resets on the computer, then about 10 minutes for the computer to realize that the machine was there, but finally it was functional. I then had to lay out the design in Easel for the X-Carve. It didn’t take too long, but it is fairly technical. I had to create a bunch of layers then check them via the pathing to ensure everything would work out right.


The physical running of the CNC machine is always stressful at first. If the wood fights the design, it will shatter and launch out of the clamps. If the clamps aren’t firmly in place, the wood will launch out anyways. And there are times where the design just doesn’t work and it shatters anyways. Or the machine gets confused and drives itself deep into the surface of the board causing a bunch of damage to the bit and the wood. None of these are good things. Luckily, it milled through the piece of wood without issue. It will take about 8 minutes for it to mill most board, but that isn’t too bad. It would take 30 minutes just to glue the lip on the lid doing it the way I had been (I will post about this later on.)


Regardless, tonight was quite productive. I still have quite a bit of work to do tomorrow night, the night after, and so on… But I am getting it done and still enjoying this. I hope everyone has a nice night. Now pardon me as I get some rest finally, after I see what my cat is trying to do.



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