A quick interlude and cat butt

As of Monday, I am now without a physical woodshop. All my tools, wood, and finished products are loosely packed up at my aunt’s. It was an exhausting couple of months as I rushed to complete as much of the work that I had as fast as I could. It seemed like every day I had more and more to do with a shrinking timetable.

Monday at about 6 pm… This was my shop.

It feels quite bittersweet in all honesty. I am quite happy to no longer be bound to this garage and to have my options open. I am rather happy to also be done with my ex business partner (outside of 3 more days of work together and him leaving the area on the 14th.) I am proud of what I accomplished and what I was able to do on next to no budget.

I am also upset I won’t have a shop. I hate the idea that I can’t work, that I won’t be able to get in more wood and design things. I still need to make a bunch of gifts for people I know who recently got married and design a few gifts for friends. I am bitter about the loss of a friendship I had with my ex business partner, yet he crossed a line and still refuses to apologize or realize that he had done anything wrong. I dislike the way it went but it was required.

I am going to have a full post discussing it all here in about 10 days. Sorry… but I want to wait until he leaves.

Then enters the cat.

If anything Gwen will be quite happy at the idea I am going to be home more often. I wont be working until midnight every night, so I will be able to lay in bed and just love on her. She already was quite pleased yesterday I was home most of the day. She did hide throughout most of the cleaning, but even with the constant explosions outside (4th of July,) she just cuddled. 

She even slept on my legs as usual and gave me a ton of headbutts this morning. She couldn’t quite get into position for her standard kneading session so she sat on my chest and pouted. I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention to her (I literally stopped for a minute to check my email.) She did what cats do best…. I had cat butt in my face until I put down the phone and started cuddling her.

Anyways. I hope everyone has a lovely day.


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