My name is Eddie Martin

Welcome. This is a blog about quite a bit of my life. Not a whole lot of my past, just my present… Which I guess will become my past. For now, its my future. I am a cyclist, artist, foodie, overweight, and trying hard to be a vegetarian. I tend to struggle with that last one. Also, I am trying my hardest to be able to leave the second to last one off as well.

The truth is though, in 2010 I forced myself to go at cycling with everything I have. More or less in highschool I broke my right ankle. Shattered it, might be a better term. I had the fun of the side of my foot touching the side of my leg. I ended up needing 7 screws and a 3 1/2 inch plate in my leg for life. I ended up not going into PT, instead I just languished on the couch and found myself in a very awful spot. By the time I graduated highschool, I was up to 350 lbs (I was 185 before my ankle,) and miserable. Things got worse from there because of the economy. About a year after that, I found myself having to ride a bike all the time in 2010.

I was close to 380 lbs.

For a year I did close to 25 miles a day, easily doing over 150 miles a week by bike alone. Well, not alone. I broke 3 bikes and had constant flats on the tri-bike (rest in piece,) so I got used to the idea of walking. Sometimes I was walking 15 miles, dragging the bike, after a full 8 hour shift. And then I moved closer, like 5 miles from work instead of 15. That just left to my weight not really increasing or decreasing. I had plateau’d. Of course, I am still trying to lose the weight. It is just going to take some serious effort and going vegatarian is helping….

Well, when I actually stay vegatarian.

All the while, I had begun to develop my art. I love working with my hands. Whether it is cooking, painting, drawing, photography, wood working… Gimme a week and I can find a way to fall in love with it. And I am working hard (when I can,) to improve my art. You can find some of my art on a few different sites. Facebook, Tumblr (and my personal tumblr,) and now on Twitter. Though as a heads up I have no idea what I am doing on that site. Also, my galleries on this site will show off some of what I do.

Not too long ago I was offered a better job that failed. Like I was brought on and about a dozen red flags went up. It was better than where I was at, so I didn’t say anything but I started having trouble sleeping at night. I was barely functioning because I detested that job as much as I did. Everything about that job was awful, and finally I left. I actually asked my boss if I could use the restroom, and I walked out. I wasn’t comfortable with what I was told to do and I stuck to how I felt.

There was only one good thing that came out of that job.


From there, I escaped florida. For the last few months I have been in Columbus, OH. A proper area with proper cycling culture. And now I have a goal. I will add more as it happens. I need to go seize the future, I might just grab it by the throat too.

Eddie Martin

eddie martin


One comment

  1. Jill's Oil Paintings · April 9, 2016

    I look forward to reading your blog. I …run, paint, cat, an am a bad vegetarian, too… Go get em!


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