Back up, back on

I believe I’ve done about it 10 miles today with all the running around I had to do. 

Things were off to a bad start with the pain I had woke up in and the fact that it felt like somebody had taken a tire iron to my left shoulder. I didn’t work out however I did actually towards setting up this week. I prepped the food I had bought, made a small batch of hummus. It all went fairly quick and the cutting of vegetables was rather therapeutic. I may have spent over an hour mentally thinking through what I would say to my now ex-business partner and thought of how that may go. My cat kept trying to attack me with cuddles. She knows something is wrong.

Afterwards, I felt ready to take on the world.

Finally by noon I left the house. I had to pick up about 100 neodymium magnets. The store I go to for them was down to a single pack (which is about 10.) I just said fine, left, and after a bit got down to the store to pick up a bus pass for the month.

I was about halfway to the shop when suddenly there was a change… The cap on the bolt for the bottom bracket sheered clean off the bike. Suddenly, I had no crankarm on the bike. The engine was dead on it. I had no choice.

I had to walk 2 miles carrying the crank.

I got to Westerville Bikeshop. It felt like I was walking forever. It was 90 degrees out, with a feel of over 100. I had also made the mistake of wearing next to all black on a black bike. Regardless, I got to the bikeshop and proceeded with having a weird experience with shopping with them. I walked in intending on purchasing a new crankset. I didn’t really have the funds to do it, but it made sense to get everything done at once. Instead, I was turned away on it. I was told no on purchasing a new crankset like I wasn’t allowed to do it. He wouldn’t even show me the ones he had in stock and told me something about having one piece mealed together. A blank bottom bracket with a shimano crankarm and a separate chain ring. It took a 200 dollar fix to something that would have been over 300 dollars and wouldn’t match the bike at all. I wasn’t pleased. 

Still, he twisted my arm into just replacing the bottom bracket and refused to give me options on getting a nicer one. He made me leave the store for the hour and half it took to get the work done. Which meant sitting outside waiting in the heat again. Finally I got the call to pick up the bike. I needed food and water which unlike every other bikeshop in the area, they sold nothing fot that. And as I was waiting to check out, I managed to find a case that had the SRAM omnium as well as a white industry rear freewheel. Both were things I was considering picking up. 

The only part of shopping there I liked was when he complained that my bike was very noisy. He suggested that I have the headset replaced and the seat post. The seat post might have been an honest need to replace but the headset is expensive and rather nice. I told him it is just loose and he explained how to get it fit on there proper. Which was kind of him. He also explained that I needed to grease the seat post shaft and receiver so that it wouldnt wouldn’t make some of the noise it had been. Once I got home, i discovered he had been correct and it made a massive difference to the bike.

And she can ride again.

Aftwards, I met a very lovely and kind cyclist who I got to chat with a few. She was a little ripped up from cycling the day before, she had had to swerve from hitting a kid and ripped up one of her legs.

We chatted as we tried to dodge the heat. It was quite pleasant in the shade. Not too much later we were on our separate ways. I passed a girl who was wearing something underneath her tank top that had some amazing lacework. I also passed a couple of weekend warriors and a guy that looked ready to collapse from the heat. He was downing water like mad while cycling. 

Finally, I got into the shop late. Very late. I still accomplished a fair amount of work and still have a fair amount left. I hopped on the bike, grabbed a drink and took the bus home. I am going to be exhausted by the time I get home. I would love a twenty minute shower or a nice long soak in a tub with some Epsom salts, sadly I have no tub….

Regardless, I’m back on the bike. I hope everyone has a pleasant day. 

Edit: also, I felt I wanted to expand on what had happened. So all of that had happened on Monday the 12th of June. 


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