The time is coming….

I have gone far too long not meeting what I want. I need to start riding on my bike again. I have to get that merciless beast of steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber dashing across pavement once again. I have gone too long without the feeling of the wind across my skin, or the sound of road passing underneath those wheels. I have to restore the bike to what it should be and reforge it into the perfect machine yet again.

For the last 8 months I have not been on the bike, in a vain attempt to protect myself and maintain my body, I have not been on her. I need to change that immediately. If I am honest with myself there are ways to ensure that that will become the case. There are ways to ensure that yet again I become the cyclist I once was. I have the tools, I have a shop, and I have the desire to make it happen.

I hate that I have not been sleeping and when I do I dream of the bike.

I dream of riding again.

I know I haven’t been willing to ride just because I have been hit twice since moving to this area. The people in this city are terrible at driving and frankly will probably kill me if I ride too much. I have been hit twice. I only accomplished maybe 2000 miles and was struck not once, but twice. The second time was far more serious and not by accident. It has scared me off of the bike and onto my feet. I have been complacent in my lack of will to ride the bike and frankly I need to start. I have to prioritize getting the bike rideable. I still need one new piece to make that happen, just one gear and I will be able to mash concrete yet again.


Sorry, if this came across as aggressive. I just feel I need to be. I need to force myself into doing this. Thank you all for reading, I hope everyone has a good day.



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