13th of May, 2017

Last night was different for me.

Last night was the first time since high school that I slept on a proper mattress. Or at least a proper mattress that was mine. For the last 8 years (gods, it really has been that long,) I had crashed on about every surface. I had crashed on the floor, couches, sleeper sofas, miserably thin mattresses. Occasionally, I would find myself passing out on a friend’s bed from sheer exhaustion. Or on even rarer occasion, I would be with somebody and find myself drifting off to sleep.

I had gotten used to being able to sleep next to anywhere. I had even found myself falling asleep sitting upright or leaned against a wall. It was just part of my life. I have always struggled with sleeping and begrudged any possibility of wanting to attempt to improve my sleeping conditions.

Yet when I moved up to Ohio, I knew immediately that I would have change.

My aunt spent the majority of the last two years talking to me about the possibility of replacing my mattress. To be fair, the one I had been crashing on for the last year and a half was probably older than I was. It was truly ancient. It may have had mold (which could explain my health issues) or just crumbling springs. It was a terribly ancient mattress and box spring.  She and my pseudo-uncle (long story…)  offered to help me get the mattress. It wasn’t much but it was enough for me to finally justify it.

Nearly $450, I had a new bed with new sheets.

I am still undeniably poor, so I ended up picking up a $350 mattress in a box style mattress. This one is a combination of foam, both a softer breathable foam and a harder support foam. I picked up the full size which is more than large enough for myself and my cat despite her efforts to take the entire bed. The bed still weighed something like 68 lbs and had to be taken down a flight of stairs. I also had to figure out how to drag the old mattress off then negotiate the new one onto the platform I had made for my bed.

Cutting the bag open was fairly easy despite me piercing the inner bag allowing the mattress to start to comeback to standard size. It took it all of about 10 minutes to seem to be full size again and my cat decided she was going to camp out on the bed until I finally kicked her off to put on the new sheets. I hadn’t realized it at the time, but my new sheets are the same shade of grey as my cat, so Gwen kinda vanishes on them.

On sheets.

So bed sheets are just as important as a good mattress in my opinion. My folks taught me early on how important good bed sheets were. My mom’s rules were simple. Rule One: Always 100% cotton. Rule Two: Know the thread count.

Typically for her, she justified it as a if you wouldn’t wear the sheets, then you wouldn’t want to sleep with them. Cotton is lightweight, breathable, yet capable of standing up to a few years of washing. Higher thread count meant that it would be softer or just nicer as it is washed. Typically the lowest somebody might want to go would be 300 or 320 thread count. The ones I picked up were 800 thread count. I would love to order proper bed sheets from a company like Parachute which does silk sheets or extreme high thread count and quality cotton sheets. I just don’t have the cash for it.

Also, a final word on bed sheets. I ended up going with a set that were a flat color. Designs can work quite well with most beds. However, embossed or sheets with embroider ends are a bad idea. Satin finishes are as well. The first tends to be something you an actually feel on your skin and will hurt. The second has a tendency  to not withstand being washed and can be damaged easily.

Anyways, so yeah. Good sheets on a descent mattress makes a difference. I even had a set of backup sheets for the sleeper sofa mattress that I would pull out when I had certain company or I just felt like I wanted to spoil myself that had that was in fact that much better.

A first night of sleep.

I have been sick most of this week, so consistent sleep is an issues I tend to struggle with. I also know myself well enough to a night of just sleep without tossing and turning would be an impossibility. I need to get back on the bike as well as running to make that happen. I effectively have to go back to destroying my body again to be able to achieve sleep. So all things considered, I slept quite well. I still have some stiffness in my back that I could probably stretch out then be find. I have to get to that point first. Gwen seem to sleep quite well. Despite her anger with me moving around a lot. She also hijacked the entirety of the bed and had me pinned on the edge against the wall. She is such a lovely little brat.

Regardless, I will take pictures and post more on it soon. I need to finish building the base for my bed as well as figure out exactly how I intend on getting my computer stashed beneath my bed. I hope everyone has a pleasant day, I need to had off for work and see if I can manage being in one day this week.



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