2nd of May, 2017

Gods, Okay…. I went another month without so much as a single update. It has been an extremely busy month at that. I seem to be spending all of my time between the business and work. The few moments I get outside of that, I spent with the cat. Yet, no matter how much cuddling and petting I get to get in, I am still exhausted.

My shoulder feels spent. My thumbs ache. Today I struggled through a terrible migraine, just to work for several hours sanding. I got through it fairly fast, but I couldn’t trust myself to touch any of my more aggressive power tools. I kept making mistakes. I would zone out or lose contact with the surface while the sander was going. I caught my fingers, my arm, my chest, legs…. I lost friction 7 times and only manage to stop it from going into me the first time. Normally, I’m not that bad… Yet, this migraine took it out of me.

The only benefit is that I manage to get the sanding done. I still have a bunch of work left to do, and get ready for game day. If I have the time, I plan on making a couple of posts about MTG and some of the other nonsense I am looking at. For instance, I am finally going to be moving into a place I can actually enjoy. It is just a matter of getting to that point. I should also say, that is moving in with my shop and into a place with a kitchen. Cause yes… That is how low my standards are.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a nice one. I will be on again soon enough.




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