25 of February, 2017

Alright, I forgot to post a bunch of the pictures of the other work I have been doing on the shop. Not all of what I have is accurate. I got in the controller board for the X-Carve yesterday and am in progress of assembling it at the moment. I also rebuilt the Crosscut sled for the tablesaw.


I built the first one really just using a bunch of scrap I had laying around the shop. It wasn’t the best, I had a little too much play in the miter ribs that keeps it aligned. My cuts weren’t accurate to what I wanted, and I ran into some issues in trying to figure out how to get consistent cuts across every box that I make. I settled on drilling registration holes in the fence for it and making a stop block. It would ensure that every cut would be perfect, or closer to perfect. It was mainly a matter of safety. Most of the jigs I see people make are a matter of safety.

I ended up coming up with a second version of the crosscut sled as well as a better system for greater accuracy for the stop block system. I am now accurate within a margin of error of .001 of an inch. Which is pretty phenomenal.

The X-Carve.


I really need a tool like the X-Carve. There are so many weird projects I work on where having a tool that is more accurate than what I can do by hand, and would allow for me to make things using more powerful tools would be nice. This is a CNC router. CNC effectively means computer controlled. You enter everything into a program and the program sends the instructions to the machine. From there, the machine will just do as it is supposed to. The system allows you to create projects quickly and with ease.

This particular one by Inventables comes as a kit. You assemble everything. The instructions are entirely clear, but the directions start to make sense after a certain point. Everything snaps into place and should fit with relative ease. It is a solid 9 hours to build one of these machines, but it does mean you know how everything works. It just makes it that much easier for you to troubleshoot. Of course, it helps if you enjoy assembling items like this and don’t mind the amount of time required. I will be posting more information as well as a review here soon. Also, the rest of the pictures of it and the kit are below.

Anyways, have a nice one!



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