20th of January, 2017

So, Last night was my first cheat day. I felt like absolute shit when I woke up this morning. It felt like somebody has punched me in the stomach repeatedly. It didn’t take long before I really regretted it. I mean, I barely got through half the meal before It was quite painful. I did finish… I hate wasting food. But I feel like absolute shit.

I was 360.6 yesterday and today, I am back up to 362.7… That is quite a bit to end up putting on. Arguably, the food is still in my system and I will feel terrible until I clear it out. Gods, this is going to be rough.

On wood shop news, I am continuing forward with a few of the ideas I have. I am making a few cutting boards and will be picking up more wood here soon to make them. I need as much stock on hand just because I would like to do my first “show” once spring rears it’s face. Or I can contact one of the local shops and ask about getting my work into their shop.

I still have about 30 incomplete orders I need to get cracking on. They require about a week of cure time, but I need to start making some extra cash from the cutting boards if possible. I do also have plans on a jewelry box, but I need to get in the Xcarve for that. Resin, photo-luminescent powder, mica powders… All of that has to come in after the Xcarve does. Its expensive to say the least, but I need it.

Once I finish the work for the Kickstarter, I still have another 10 to 12 projects to complete. All of them are gifts for friends and family. Everyone says they are okay with it, or that I don’t have to get them something, but I want to. I need to.

Anyways, its time for me to hit the road. I hope everyone has a pleasant day.



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