1st of January, 2017

I am starting off the year at about 370 lbs on the button.

It isn’t the worst way to start. Arguably, I may be down a full 5 lbs since I started. Of course, I ended up really quite ill right before the year ended. It seems like that cold wrecked a little bit of everything. It is going to wreck me due to me missing 3 days of work. Outside of that, I just finally recovered my voice fully. My lungs are still devastated and in result it feels like there is extra pressure on my heart as a result.

That really ins’t going to slow me down. I plan on hitting the streets to jog or walk to get me to where I need. It will end up launching my miles walked up around 5 to 8 miles a day. I am easily walking over 10,000 steps a day. I am also doing 20 to 30 minutes of yoga a day as well as doing 20 minutes of hellish fat burning exercises.

All of this is tougher on me physically than it appears.

I am heavy enough to where jogging is agony, running feels like I am made of jello, hell walking at an expedited pace can be grueling after an hour. My right arm, shoulder, and some of my back is sore from 4 or 5 hours of continuous bowling that I have done. Honestly, I think I am going to go and do a little bit more bowling, of course, I still need to go and pick up some weights.

Anyways, I hope the new year starts off well for everyone. I got a good amount of work I need to go and do. Take it easy.



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