28th of December, 2016

Oh gods, it is 8 in the morning and I am awake willing. This is strange.

I actually feel kinda half alive at the moment. I want to be up this early for once so I can start really working towards my future. To some point, I guess I got tired of trying to waste an extra hour every morning on trying to settle back into sleep and instead have decided on forcing myself to get up. I need to do a good amount of research. I need to figure out the best plan to move forward to improve my life. Why? I bought that scale….

I currently weigh 371.5 pounds.

I am going to have to start working out in the mornings for sure. An intense work out session followed by a lighter session focused on just movement. Effectively, it will be kill yourself strength/stamina training with yoga to follow. It will be quite interesting. I have a quick yoga workout set I can follow. I need to find a set I can follow for 20 minutes of the first stuff. 20 minutes of that then 20 minutes of yoga, that should be a good way to at least start my day. Following that, 2 miles of walking, 4 to 7 hours of work, followed by more walking… I may want to find some form of evening work out too.

Regardless, I still have some form of diet I will have to figure out. I will need to write up and create a menu. I will need to buy dishware that is an appropriate size. I will need to train myself what an adequate amount of food is. I will need to learn to eat 3 times a day and never eat after 8 pm, which is quite the challenge just because I get out of work so late 3 days a week.

I also need to find a solution for my soda habit at work which is a massive problem. I am drinking way too much soda every day. Honestly, the solution isn’t so tough. The solution is simple, I need to give up standard soda. The options are limited in terms of a replacement. I need to lower the amount of waste I am creating as a person as well as increase the amount of liquid I am drinking. I am drinking a good amount of water, tea is a definite option for me to drink at work. It will require me bringing a tea pot with me to work. I just prefer some form of item I can cram some carbonation into. I own a soda stream machine, but lack a cartridge for it as well as the needed bottle for it so I can have soda (I have half a mind to go and pick up one today on my way into work.) That plus lemon juice happens to solve a need. It is just a matter of having cold drinkable water. The water at work is potable and drinkable, so there may be my solution. At least for the time being.

Anyways, I gotta run. I have to get in that morning work out then go from there. I hope everyone has a pleasant enough day.



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