24th of December, 2016

Gods, did I miss quite a few days of working out….

In my defense, I have been pretty ill the past couple of days. I was actually sent home early Wednesday from work and driven home by a coworker out of fear I might collapse if they didn’t. I feel like I have bitten by some form of radioactive slime eel. It has been less than pleasant.

Of course, on the other end of news, my wood finally came in. All 100 lbs of the wood for the Kickstarter. It is massive and going to be a nightmare. However, I want to start working on it and the other projects I have in mind. Which as of the moment, is about 20 different projects.

Well, I got to get ready to shove off to work here in about 7 minutes… There is no way I am getting in on time today, but I did try. My uber is just super far out for some reason. Take it easy.




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