18th of December, 2016

Heads up, if you’re not a fan of MTG this is probably not a post you will end up caring about.

Anyways, the past week has really kinda sucked. I’m tired, work is becoming increasingly more frustrating, and it is tough to find the joy in even the most minor of tasks. Even with the pressure of work, the developing Kickstarter, as well as the stress of just everything going on all the time; I’m trying to get out there more.

Last night, I went bowling for the first time since Middle School. That is in a sense such a sad statement to make. Hell, it is the first time since 2014 that I went and did something physical with a couple of friends. I found myself enjoying it immensely. There was just something electric about whipping balls down the lane at pins while both sucking and not at the same time. I did terribly. Like, I think my first game I scored a grand total of 60 points. Over 3 games, I didn’t break over 100 once.

I used to play every weekend and on average I would score about 100 to 150. I wasn’t great in any way, but scoring strikes used to be somewhat simple. Now, I had power but no control. I really had power too with me whipping balls down the lane at something like 20 mph to 25 mph. I got home and my shoulders were actually kinda sore. I’m considering heading back out there tomorrow for a couple of hours to try to get a little exercise in.

All of that aside…

I am considerably split in my attitude towards Commander at the moment. I love the game and the format for quite a few reasons, yet I am also quite stressed out at times about the format. Primarily, our local play group has progressed into a dangerous territory. I have, my friend who I play with consistently has as well. We have drifted into this weird territory of the two of us being shockingly aggressive and focused. It isn’t always the win, but to actually make a mark at the table. It does quite often mean that we are forced to go after one another. We also seem to butt heads constantly on this.

He shuts me down and I find myself forced to take him out of the game in order to resolve much of anything at all. he seems to watch to see where I only need one more turn to win to go ahead and kill me on the spot. It is starting to ruin the fun of the game for the 2 of us. I find myself getting bitter about just because it is so constant.

Part of it is just I am a competitive person when it comes to games like this… The other is he can be an absolute asshole about it. If I know I will lose, I just accept it. I don’t spite him to lose him the game as well. He doesn’t follow the same concept at all. So for me to resolve or stay on the board I am forced so often to kill him. I have had to do this so many times it is starting to get on my nerves. That said, I am getting a taste of the people he used to play with and the people he has played with prior to me. Pleasantries has nothing to do with this game as a whole.

Which is sad. This is supposed to be Casual.

Anyways, I need to look at trying to get some sleep and figure out what my plans and intentions shall be. Everyone have a nice weekend.



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