16th of December, 2016

To be clear, there is nothing major to add.

Things feel oddly off at the moment. I have actually managed to eat nearly 3 meals a day, every day this week. I have also actually managed to work out (for 10 to 20 minutes) each morning before I trek the 2 miles into work. I also have tried to sleep more, read more, and educate myself. I don’t feel like I am trying, however I do feel like I am beginning to impart change upon my life.

That said, I massively misbehaved last night and consumed my first soda in like… 3 days. Oh gods, did I need it. Those words are part of what scares me so much about this, yet I am again finding the simple stupid pleasure in drinking a carbonated drink. I plan on picking up club soda or seltzer water depending. I would love to get another cartridge for my SodaStream machine, however I burn through those incredibly quick.

That will be an issue I will have to tackle in time.

Outside of that, I am beginning to feel the stress from the Kickstarter. The amount I am looking at making as far as profit is concerned is minimum. It’s manageable. Which doesn’t quite translate without me sounding greedy… But I am going to spend the next 2 to 3 months working on making boxes and vaults custom for so many people. In reality, I am not even going to be able to pay myself for that time. Most of the profits are being dumped into a CNC machine then I will have payouts for other processes. The $4000 I raised for the Kickstarter went to $3700 after fees and will plummet after adding on all of the costs I will have. This may be quite rough. I just have to make sure I don’t fall victim to stress or stress eating like some form of fool.

Anyways, everyone have a nice one. I will try to check in again next week. Hopefully once I have received in about $1000 in wood….



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