Commander Sunday madness.

Alright, every Sunday for the past few months I have been attending Commander Sundays at Comic Town in Columbus, Ohio. Typically the days are slow and calm. I’m still getting used to the idea of being in a space with 30 to 40 plus people. I guess 5 years of working overnight and being used to never being around people during the day (I did all of my shopping first thing in the morning,) started to change the way I acted in groups and crowds. Anyways, aside placed aside, the standard Commander crowd is about 20 people.

We had over 70 people there that day.

Apparently there was a Modern Tournament going on as well as Standard qualifiers. That lightened up after a couple of hours, but then they did a Bundle Pack draft which can get a bit insane. So I just kind of settled into a chair in the far back while I waited for a new game to open for me to jump into.

I got to test out a couple of new decks, play some really gross games, and nearly score second place in 2 matches. I ran into some trouble with Skullbriar and learned that I will have to make some additional changes to ensure that I can get victory in. I also made a mistake of not killing the right person again. We have one guy who shows up who always has awesome decks and plays cool formats. Unfortunately, I also tend to not focus him and then end up dead as a result. It was pretty amazing, and pretty sickening. In one of the matches I new I was going to lose, so I equipped phyresis to one of the creatures swinging in so that I went out on my own terms. In a long match of Plane Chase, I got to survive with some debates, get chaos online, and just make my board disgusting. It did end up killing me in the end, but hey it was a fun game. The best part was when I got to again choose how I died. I had 1 health, everyone was getting ready to hit me, and I tapped a land for colored mana and offed myself in the match. I ended it there on the spot. Honestly, it was still a bunch of fun regardless of me losing.

Also, I had to give my cat a bit of bath last night due to fleas. She was not the happiest with me after that. So here are a few pictures for you all. Today, she disappeared for a few hours and I was looking around. It took a while before finally I found her. She was sleeping in my laundry basket. Now she keeps sleeping and waking up to look at me to see if I am watching.

I hope you have a pleasant night.

eddie martin


One comment

  1. Marc-André · October 18, 2016

    Kitty is beautiful even damp haha


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