A long week far from over.

The break down on the week thus far is pretty simple. I’m sick.

Like I must have caught something at the FNM or from being around so many parents (and by extension their kids) at work. I probably picked it up and it has started the slow shove into my system. If anything I am getting off a lot lighter than my coworker who sounds like he is at death’s door. Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, exhaustion; all of those are things he is going through. My body seems to have other plans.

I do feel sore and out of place. I cant tell if I am over heating or just running warmer than most. This time of year is fantastic for just that. I do have a bad headache and dehydration is something Im contending with, however Im not letting it slow me down. Hell, I seem to run half dead as far as my system is concerned, so Im not worried. As long as I dont start developing the same symptoms as my coworker that is.


I do have some new content planned here soon. Another photo dump and some pictures of some of what the business has been working towards. I have a whole pile of boxes I still need to finish and get out there. Anyways, my cat is burrowing into me and I think I may try to turn in early. Take it easy.

eddie martin


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