Yesterday was a sh*t day…

Yesterday was a shit day. I had a customer who got upset at me because her husband was busy smoking outside while I was stuck waiting on her (she couldnt tell me what she wanted until she probably told him what she demanded.) Honestly, I have never had a customer act so entitled. Its sad really. And I had to smile and let her walk out, despite wanting to tell her what I thought of her. I didnt want to be brought down to her level.
I did try to be polite with the lady. She came in latest in the day. On Saturday we have a bunch of tasks to finish, and we have to finish them. Whether or not a customer comes in. She came in and I asked her if I could help her with anything and I got a “When do you close? You must be closing soon?” And she stood with her back firmly planted against the door as if I might try to throw her from the store. I politely informed her that we still had 40 minutes. She was good. I then asked again if there was something I could help her with, or if there was something in particular. And she responded with “I’m waiting for my husband.” I said okay, went back to cleaning and about a minute or 2 later I asked again. She looked impatient, and it was my job to wait on her and I cant spray down the counters with her there.
I asked again to which she responded, “well I know I want a cinnamon swirl and Im still waiting for my husband.” She then turns around and opens the door checks to see where he’s at and yells “come on, hurry up,” at him. I put her bread by the till and wait. Finally she went to do it again as far as checking goes as another family enters the store. I now have a choice to keep waiting on her or wait on the new people. My coworker was headed up to the front, but he had to remove his gloves and clean his hands. So I welcomed the new people and then saw an older gentleman with grayish hair smoking right outside. I asked the lady if that was her husband (sometimes they tend to loose track of each other…) Well apparently that was rude.
She demanded the rest of the order, because as it turns out, she really didnt want his input on it. I rang her out. Asked her if she had a bread card and checked her out as I normally do. When I asked her if she wants a bag, she chose then to blow up at me. ” Well of course I want a damn bag.” She shouted with kids in ear shot. I did kind of stand there for a moment in recoil at the blast of sheer uncouth behavior I just received. I went to put the food in her bag politely (probably more so than normal because I really didnt get why she was so pissed with me.) She snapped again, “Just give me the bag!” She snatched the bag away from me and then storms over to where my coworker was giving out a sample of bread (something she seemed entirely uninterested in when I was waiting on her.) As she did, she looked me dead in the eyes and said, “You are so rude, you know that?!” She then gave my coworker an earful about me as well as.
I really wanted to be rude back or mean, instead I said, “I hope you have a nice day.” Like I always do when a customer leaves the store. I ought to have asked her to leave the store if she was going to explode at me for doing my job and waiting on the customer….
Now I am sure I may have to have a talk with my boss, but Im going to tell him it all truthfully. I was doing my job, that was all. I would love to tell him that Im not going to bend that far over to kiss the ass of an insignificant pile of shit that woman was or was acting like. That’s how I may have felt, but I am professional.
Also, before I left for work, I found I had a flat. Barely got on the bus, just to have the uber driver who was picking me up from the closest point I could get to, not know how to do a u-turn or really drive… She got lost with a gps before picking me up despite her being parked practically across the street. I wasnt the happiest seeing how that made me late to work all because she couldnt read her gps right. 
Finally, to anyone who wants to play Magic the Gathering Online, I dont recommend doing it on Xmage. Their system will give anyone a headache and doesnt work right. Its impressive, but I won 1 match out of 20 tonight because the energy tracking system is broken. I was doing some deck testing for standard which is something I will be talking about soon enough (I played friday and placed 10th which is good considering it was my first FNM.) Regardless, the system didn’t work well at all and left me with a terrible headache over it. 
I am hoping for a vastly better day tomorrow if I can find the energy to make it be better. I really need a stiff drink. eddie martin

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