So, my cat stabbed me…

Yes, Cats are perfect little monsters some times. And Yes, what happened was preventable, I just got a little lazy. Also Yes, I am going to blame my cat though it was my fault. She is just so guilty looking. That smug little smile.

More or less, I have been do a lot of work with my exacto knife recently. Gwen has shown little to no interest in it, unless it involves a box. However, one night I put it on top of my dresser in an absent minded manner. Gwen hopped up at one point on the counter and pushed it onto the floor like she tends to do with my pencils. It happen to fall onto a shirt. So in the morning, Saturday, I stepped over to the dresser… I stepped into the shirt and the exacto knife that was pointing outwards. It was buried most of the way in, but heavy enough to fall right out again.

I started laughing and cursing my luck as I scrambled to get off the carpet and bleed into anything I could grab. I chose the very shirt I got stabbed because of. The bleeding stopped in time and I was able to throw on a shoe, grab some bandages and butterfly closures, and head into the work. It sucked to work that day for sure, but I sucked it up and did it. It is still quite painful and may take some time to heal. I might even go get stitches if it is still really bad come Friday, but it seems to be healing just fine and the swelling disappeared this morning so I can flex my toes easily again. The only thing that sucks is it did hit bone, and that has me worried. So I dunno, we will see.

Anyways, hopefully that is the last of my injuries for a while. I really need time to heal for once. Being stabbed… um 2/10. Its not a whole lot of fun.

eddie martin


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