Flora, Fauna, and a new camera lens.

This will be a quick update. I have sold another box, and finally discovered the source of a wretched noise coming from the bike. Luckily, it is pretty simple to take care of. And shipping out the sold box should be happening here in the next couple of days I hope. I will be trying to go back to creating longer form posts here shortly, I have just not been in the mood. It can be quite draining to make a post that exceeds a couple of hundred words.

One of the biggest changes happen to be something I needed to do with my camera. I went ahead and picked up a new camera lens for her finally. It is excellent, a vast improvement over the stock lens for sure. Especially seeing how the magnetic driver failed inside of it. Therefore, I have been dragging the camera around with me the past couple of days and here is a selection of what I have managed to capture.

Have a nice day, and enjoy.

eddie martin



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