Pre-releasing our lovely new horror….

Sunday was my first pre-release event for Magic the Gathering. It was a blast to do. Sadly, two headed giant was the day before while I was at work, so I had to effectively settle on getting up at like the ass crack of dawn just to go to the event. By the time I had gotten there, I crammed in breakfast and got ready for the madness.

The store had been packed. It easily had around 64 people playing. There were enough people to require a change in the prize pool, and 8 people out of us were part of something known as the Gauntlet. That is in where they play every event that weekend. Which means, they practically lived at the store from Midnight, Friday through 9 pm, Sunday. Personally, the one event was more than enough for me.


The hustle and bustle of 60 odd people attempting to figure out who they would be up against was a little much at times, and many of the normal faces and familiars weren’t there. It was just too crowded. Still, this was quite some fun. I had descent pulls from my packs and put together 2 separate decks. The first was a green/white deck that I lost so badly, we still 45 minutes left in our 50 minute round…. So the guy helped me look at my pulls and transform it into something far more lethal and effective. I crushed the next person I played against. She was really awesome and ended up buying one of my boxes off of me, but yeah… I crushed it that round. The next one I went 1 win and 2 loses, to another experienced player. And finally go thrashed the next set of matches to a very good player. She had an amazing set of pulls. Despite her not understanding the exact order on pert of it (I play commander and sacrifice is super common there.) she still managed to own face the whole time. I also was mana screwed something like 4 rounds and it was time to scoop and see about playing commander.

My newest commander deck is just plain funny to play with and interact with. I ended up technically winning both games. Though, my buddy did take some convincing to not murder me to let me have my fun the first game. It was stupid though because I got to make him kill himself that round. The second game was just crazy. I drew my one counter spell. My one red counterspell that effectively forces everyone to flip to see if they get to play their spells or sit there in agony. It worked in my favor and then I just had a fantastic amount of ramp into some really stupid plays. Suddenly, my board was filled and I got to lash out. No one survived. Which means technically my deck has a 100% win rate.

Anyways, sorry for the crappy pics on what all I drew. It is late, and I am tired. Also, I am trying to type around a cat… Cause now is cuddle time I guess. So, take it easy.

eddie martin


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