Here is a quick set of pics of the day.

Today was a little odd. I had to pretty much break my camera in order to get the lens to stop jamming itself upon the camera lens housing. Beyond that, the images turned out pretty well considering.

There is a group of gentlemen in the area around where I work that happen to enjoy restoring ancient cars. They do an incredible job and wouldn’t be surprised if they also had some form of ancient chariot they have been working on as well. It is curious that they happen to gather in the area, though I would have to guess I would never see a model T in motion otherwise.

Beyond that as I struggled to deal with my camera lens I ended up grabbing a couple of  pictures at random of my coworker. Again, they turned out okay. If anything the best was of a random soda I grabbed… I feel like a Commie now as a result.

Finally my wood came in today and it is beautiful. It should make for interesting wood working here before long. I look forward to the coming days when I just get to work on the wood without end. And honestly, I can’t wait to get whatever I can. I desire to work with it as soon as I could. Also, some cat in a box. Kitten had to investigate.

Take it easy.

eddie martin


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