Prepare for a dump of cat.

Okay, so I am about 70% way through the work on an upcoming kickstarter that I am hoping to launch by the beginning of August. As of the moment, I still have a fair amount of work to do before that is done, however I am looking forward to what is left to do. Between all of the leg work, planning, and research into the needed tool, I have a good amount of information I am looking into for this upcoming project. Quite possibly the biggest is, I am looking at adding an X-Carve to the building platform and the work that will be going into that.

That does mean I will be looking at readjusting to learning to use vector software as well as learning to use the Easel system that the X-Carve is compatible with. The nice part is that a friend of mine is looking at joining me on this endeavor which should serve to lift a great deal of the weight from my shoulders. Of course, so far I have been doing all of the work myself and up until I manage to get a hold of the machine I will still be working on this myself. I guess there is worse avenues to be force to look upon for that. Still, I am hoping for something amazing, but going to make sure that I can make this happen.

For my lack of posts here is a touch of my cat being foolish… She is so often just that. Also, hopefully I will start posting regularly again. Things are just ramping up in craziness and I have been settling into gaming, bad movies, and my favorite books versus much else.

Till then, take it easy.

eddie martin


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