Mile 20???

I honestly haven’t been recording my mileage at all for the last month or two at this point. I just don’t feel the need to. If anything, I need to and the better option would be to throw another speedometer onto my bike. I prefer to see my speed versus relying on my phone once I have started and stopped. I just don’t monitor it nor do I enjoy reaching for my phone. Also, in regards to the bike… I love it, but my rear axle feels like it is catching. I need to fix that here in soon enough, but I need to make a couple of calls to get to the root of the issue. I’m just upset that my expensive rear wheel didn’t come with sealed cartridge bearings versus the cheap open system that I have on the bike at the moment. Again, I will deal with this one way or another.


Magic the Gathering is getting a little crazy. Eternal Masters was last week and now the new set is going to have some spoilers announcing tomorrow which is exciting. Supposedly the grand evil may be Emrakual… Effectively, imagine a Tentacruel from Pokemon only if it was bred with some Lovecraftian Horror and with the desire to consume entire planes of existence. Beyond that, I am finally winning matches and I have started a second deck. Thankfully I had some awesome pulls from a Oath of the Gatewatch box. A couple of mythic planeswalkers, a couple of the cheaper mythics (both of which are legendaries,) and a foil Mana Confluence. That card alone is worth about 44 bucks and gave me the ability to really jumpstart on my insane Eldrazi colorless deck. Everything about that deck is evil. It was a pretty card and I had a very strange pull… See for yourself.

In terms of art, I didn’t manage to really draw much. I tried to draw my friend as the commander of my Meren deck again and it was still too small to get in the details I want. I am also regretting not being able to get some better photos of her. It would have been awesome to have grabbed a few of her in some more interesting poses. I’m trying, but it feels like I am just kind of limping along with the art. I plan on working on some more tomorrow, though I have some running around I will have to do then.

So, I should turn in eventually (I am writing this from the past,) and the kitten demands sleep… I shall be joining here for a bit. Take it easy.


eddie martin


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