Vault of Desires 3

Oh gods, I definitely bit off more than I could chew on stuff the last week. So I’m gonna try to barrel through this. Today, lets talk clothing. Not like “Oh the gods, look at those shoes!” but more like, “F*** why is it so damn expensive?”  I might even be able to help some of you out with this.

Cycling Shorts:

So, if you do any form of daily commuting or riding, I recommend to no end a few pairs of the cycling shorts. To be truthful, short of owning boxers for lounging around the house in, I don’t think I really own any for going out. The cycling shorts managed to do a much better job.

The thing about a good set of cycling shorts is that it covers everything you need. No, no joke. I mean, the shorts should go from about the knee up to the lower back making sure you don’t have anything showing. Most sets are made out of spandex and Lycra that isn’t translucent (not that I mind on yoga pants,) which is fantastic for when you are out on the bike. The padding on them should be replaceable and in a position to cushion everything regardless of what you are carrying downstairs.

Personally, my favorites are from a company called Aero Tech Designs. I’m not sponsored by them, though I wish I could be. There stuff is so awesome. The cycling shorts are form fitting and come in sizes up to the cycling rhino that is my size and promises to not break the bank at 20 bucks a set. I own a week’s worth and recommend to anyone to own at least 5 pairs if you do weekly riding with 7 to 8 being more ideal (because rain is a thing.)

Commuter Shorts:

As good as the cycling shorts tend to be, they are weird looking in public. It seems like a much smarter option to throw on a pair of shorts over it. I said shorts, pants are a good thing to feed into a drivechain or a good way to get injured on the bike. Also, despite me owning a really nice cycling bag, the idea of having to pull it around and open it to fetch out everything is just a little frustrating.

Thus, ATD comes to the rescue yet again with none other than the Pedal Pushers Knickers. They are functional capris that come in both men’s and women’s. They extend past the knee, go up the lower back, and have draw strings at the knees to help cinch them in place. They are pretty rugged being made from stretch ripstop nylon. The shorts also have 6 pockets on them perfect for keys, wallet, phone, energy bar, mace. I dunno what other people tend to carry in their pockets while they are on the bike, but next to all of what I need fits in these. They can definitely withstand some abuse. The only draw back is in the fact that they are 60 bucks a set, yet even that is pretty fair for the product you are getting.


“Like oh my god, Becky. Look at those-.” Sorry, that video is like 8 years old now I think. It is still terrible. However, that has little to impact how important a set of proper cycling shoes are. One of the biggest issues is what do you do with those shoes. At nearly 100 bucks for even a moderately descent set, do you fork over the dough and have a set of shoes only good for the bike? Or would you prefer a set of shoes you can actually do things in?

Personally, I follow Alton Brown’s rule on Unitaskers when it comes to shoes. No unitaskers. So with that in mind, I personally love the DZR shoes. I so far have owned 3 pairs of Concubines and will be giving the Jetlag (effectively the same model as the concubines) or Mechanics a shot next. These are relatively tough shoes with a hardened plate in the base which works well for cycling. I have to say, you are best off finding a set of descent insoles to replace the stock ones with… However, these shoes will easy make it through a solid 4000 miles on the bike unless you attempt to torture test them like I seem to. So then, I tended to get only about 3000 miles out of them, but hey what can you do. I just love the fact that these shoes are actually attractive enough to want to wear out.

Anyways, that’s all for this time. You can find all of the products over at:

  1. Aero Tech Designs
  2. DZR

Take it easy.

eddie martin


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