WIP Wednesday: Eldrazi in a box?

Alright, I actually have stuff for the first WIP Wednesday (or Work in Progress Wednesday.) I haven’t had a chance to sit down and work on art though. I wish I did, but my little kitten needed to go see the vet. Lets just say… I won’t have to worry about her going into heat. She is being so cuddly as a result.

I’m in kitten kat heaven.

So, I plan on working on some drawing tonight, and might see if I can start a new piece this week. However, I quite enjoyed this weekend and the insanity of EDH again. Playing Commander style Magic the Gathering is very entertaining. I actually managed to take out 2 opponents and nearly won, but I kept being stalled.

Yet, beyond that, I got to pick up a MTG gift box at a Walmart for like 5 or 6 bucks off. Having a box like this is nice, it does hold some insane number of cards (2100 of them.) Yet, it was a very cool looking, full art box. The core of it didn’t seem too strong. Frankly, the lack of hinges and straps meant that this case is cool, yet difficult to move around. I still need to pick up a cool clasp lock for it and clean up the backside of the box.

The materials involved are super simple. It is a simple dense cardboard box. The print seems to be on a higher quality paper. It needed a hinge so I picked up a basic set of brass hinges and used some flat end bolts for the mounting bolts (they wouldn’t damage the cards that way. I could have used cloth, or something like a basic paper hinge… Yet those are called living hinges in some industries and are prone to breaking or falling apart. Brass on the other hand isn’t liable to.


Hot gun managed to hold them in place well and then it was perfect for ribbon. I used a couple of simple ribbons to hold in the side straps that would prevent the lid from falling back.


Well, I thought it was cool and I hope you guys enjoyed it. Gwen did, though I couldn’t grab a pic in time of her trying to sit inside the box. Why cat? Why? Take it easy, and well, hopefully I will have one of these for next week. See yah.

eddie martin




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