The vault of desires.

Bikes can be foolishly expensive. The average rider has no idea the investments that a cyclist who is worth their salt has gone to to transform the bike. It is the difference between a standalone thing with gears and wheels to a piece of performance engineering. For the bike, there is a host of different products I still want and in some cases need to throw on it.

SRAM Omnium.

Cranksets are important on a bike. A great one is stiff, responsive, yet light. A bad one will snap off, loose traction, or potentially gouge your leg open. However, upgrading a crankset is like upgrading an engine in the car. It will drastically affect how the bike moves and handles.

With the type of bike I own, I have the option of throwing on cheap components or going with full high-end racing equipment. Personally I am fond of track standard equipment. If it can handle the insanity of the velodrome, it can handle the daily abuse put on it by daily commuting.

Thus the SRAM Omnium.

omnium-black-sram-crank-web_7412709f-a152-49df-9bd3-b293e31b8d9e_2048x2048This is the standard of track bikes. It is big, beefy, and will survive whatever you put it through. It is about 200 dollars on amazon as well about 225 in your local stores. It is the track standard due to the number of chain rings available for it, the standard aggressive tooth ratio on it, and just it’s weight. It is very light at —. Yet it is also stylish. I personally love the black look on it and the chrome is sexy too. It features a gxp bottom bracket that can be outfitted in different colors and is relatively easy to service.

All in all, real bang for the buck.

White industries freewheel

Despite some of my gripes with WI and their pompousness…. They aren’t, I just hate how little info they put out and their main component set is called the Eno. Or one backwards. Despite that, they produce some awesome components. I personally love their freewheel that they have put out.


Freewheels are effectively a single speed with a sprocket in it so that you don’t have to keep pedaling. I love fixed gear bikes for the looks, but I shall always ride free instead. Their bearings caps are color coded so that you can have a collection and always grab the exact one that you want and they come in ¼ as well as 3/32. I tend to ride the latter just due to availability.

They have some very nice Freewheels with excellent engagement and sound incredible when up to speed. They are twice the price of Shimano and getting up to the mythical ranks of Phil Wood. Some of the gears do run close to $100. Some of them are even higher. Until Phil Wood puts out a freewheel themselves, I shall be riding on one of these.


Shimano tiagra front brake.

Brakes are kinda important still. I fall into a strange category being one of the few freewheel riders in Columbus for track bikes, so it sometimes makes things troublesome. I could Fred Flintstones when I go to stop but that would be a bad cause. With fixed gear bikes, brakes don’t really matter so much. Yet freewheel, you need a way to slow down.

So I run a front brake on my bike and I am currently using the stock brake on the bike. It’s okay, yet it could be much better. I managed to find the basic Tiagra grade brake by Shimano. Personally, I want to throw on an Ultegra (second to best) or even a Dura Ace. That is the top of the line with them. That is just a little much to run on the bike for a mere brake.

The Tiagra does come in black that would match my color scheme for the bike and is supposedly really fantastic. It is a cantilever model which is nice. The unit is self contained and uses a set of springs to reset itself on tension. I figure I will see if I can find some nice brake pads to throw on there soon enough as well.

Please buy local.

Anyways, those a the major grabs that I need to make for the bike. The list is nowhere near depleted and next Tuesday, I’m sure I will have another set of items that have grabbed my eyes. If you have questions about parts or what I recommend, feel free to send me a message.

Have a nice one and I hope everyone has pleasant rides.

eddie martin


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