May is barreling towards us.

Like seriously, what just happened to April? It has been a hell of a crazy month. I had a witnessed moment by one of my favorite artists, the amazing Kelly Turnbull.



I acquired a new job and started cycling again daily. I accomplished a new art piece or two. As well as begun to move forward with other ideas I have been running on the back burner. And hell, I finally gained the ability to cook in a fuller capacity at the house which is awesome.

May is looking to be a little insane as well. I’m actually working on a schedule that I may be able to keep to here in the upcoming month. So here is the breakdown.

I’m going to be continuing the spotlight Saturdays. They are going to be a little different. Every other week will feature art or items that I found that interests me: similar to that of the incredible chlxbee and her Favorite Fridays. Whereas the other times will be on artists.

I’m also going to talking about my favorite cycling gear, parts I want, equipment I found, the works on Tuesdays. It will be practical, simple, and kinda bike porn when it comes to the mythical Phil Wood parts that I desire.

Potentially, I will be adding a WIP Wednesdays, where I show off projects that I am or have worked on. If I have to remake or redesign something. I also plan on spending a little chunk of time every day to work on my art. That should help provide a little more of interest to the site…

Finally, I am debating on a foodie Friday where I may try to cook something cool and fun. I need to start eating better, or perhaps photograph restaurants that I might eat at. But we will see. I’m not sure on that one.

Random posts, updates, and additional content will happen whenever something arises to the occasion. Otherwise, that’s what’s planned. Well take it easy.

eddie martin


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