Mile 20317.0: These cards are a little heated.

Oh gods. Things are beginning to get a little insane. Honestly, I’ve been swamped between work, meeting new people, and trying to help work on content for the site. Honestly, I hated going even a week without working on the site. At least, in terms of posting that felt entirely without merit.

One of the largest posts that I have been working on is dealing with Mirrors Edge. The new game is running into a wall of trouble. It is like they aren’t even working on a Mirrors Edge title. And I am currently at a word count of nearly 3000. It is probably going to go up to 5000 words by the time I am done. That may sound insane to go into for just a game… But it is a game that I have loved for 8 years. It will take some time, yet I want to make this good. I want to make it work.


I mean, look at how beautiful that is.

I also, spent some time over the weekend getting back into Magic The Gathering. Which for those of you who may not know, is an old school card game. One of my coworkers is big on it, and decided on introducing me to a pretty ridiculous version of it. It is call EDH (with is called Elder Dragon Highlander.) Effectively, it is a game mode designed for producing the most insane decks. It is utter madness, just because you draw from all the cards ever made (except those banned,) play a game style that pitches you against 3 to 7 other opponents, and play chess with cards at the highest level. It is a game of skill, luck, knowledge and just… Its a blast.


The cat also felt like she needed to be a card.

The comic shop, Comic Town, is also kind of a fantasy place for a good friend of mine and her obsession for Spider-man. They seem to have every Spider-man comic ever released there. And probably 3 full posters to him just in the area I was sitting. 5 hours of my Sunday vanished like that. Oh gods, the cat is rubbing herself on my keyboard now…


From there, I am dealing with my cat being in heat. It is a little insane to have to deal with. It is like living with a teenager. She is loud, excessively horny, and keeping me up all night. I love the little brat. Gwen is definitely an extreme little troublemaker, but I do love her. even if I know she is probably going to need to spend the night in her cage. Come Monday I will hopefully getting her fixed and then she will be much easier to deal with. I hope….

All in all, It is going to be a little crazy for a bit, however I am hoping things stabilize here in a little bit. I do hope everyone has a nice one and keep a weathered eye on the horizon (or browser,) another post will be coming this week and a Spotlight Saturday. Take it easy.

eddie martin



  1. Chloe Alexandra · April 27, 2016

    That’s me, that’s me! Spidey 4 ever ✌️
    Dang, 3 full posters? They’ve got me beat. BUT do they have a cardboard cutout?? Because I dooooo (also my great uncle just found me a Spider-Man sticker that’s I was going to stick on my laptop with the rest of my stickers, but then realized I might want to save it since I want a new laptop so badly)


    • abadvegetarian · April 27, 2016

      I’ll be headed there again this weekend, and I will be bringing the nicer camera. I will be sure to get plenty of pics of the spiderman… the guy at the daily bugle will pay big for it.


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