Mile 20285.9: Midweek Madness

Madness: It might be the best way to define this week.

It’s been a busy week that has seemingly gotten busier. For starters, work has finally begun to get close to the adequate number of hours that I need to really be able to make it. Its been just a short while since I worked and I have always held full time positions. For a part time position, I am getting rather close to 40 hours a week. Currently, I am floating around 36 hours. Between that and the cycling, I am out of the house at least 45 to 50 hours every week. Soon, I may have to find a way to continue working even when I am not home. And when I am home I have do deal with this one….

Of course, in other news… I just got done dealing with somebody attempting to search through my machine. Everyone has the wrong idea about hacking. I wasn’t hacked. However, somebody did attempt to record what I was doing on the machine. Imagine you are writing a paper, and everything you are writing is being copied. Then that info is being looked at by others. That is what was actually going on. Somebody was watching my internet activity, farming bitcoins (which is a complicated process,) and just waiting. Luckily, I look through my C: drive often for anything I don’t recognize. Even more lucky for me, Windows 10 has the option to more or less completely reinstall the OS. Which takes the whole machine down to nothing. It only took about 2 hours to go through the process. Yet when it was finished, I knew I didn’t have much to worry about. Also, I use Google for quite a bit. Google’s APIs for security flags anything that is a log in attempt from a separate source. Either a different IP or machine. Which is great for me. Oddly enough, somebody did attempt to log into my account via Leon, Mexico yesterday.

Key word, Attempt.

Beyond that, I am not too sure when I might be able to find the time to work on my art. I have been pretty busy dealing with quite a bit. I have some stuff planned. But, I need to work on the course work for it and start this next drawing. I haven’t quite been in the mood just because the piece in particular is from a game close to my heart… And EA is ruining the game. It looks good, but its not that game anymore. Well, I will talk more about that at a later date. For now, take it easy.

eddie martin

OH! Before I forget, if you are into art and puppies…. And lets face it, who isn’t? A friend of mine has a blog where she has all sorts of awesome stuff on it. Her Favorite Friday’s are a great source to find cool stuff on the interwebs and she is very active as far as humane societies go. Not to mention, tends to get in great stuff for her husky that make be great for your pet as well. She is a fantastic writer, and frankly deserves some love. Hell, I’ve drawn her a couple of times and still hope that I may get to do it again. You can find her at:




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