Mile 20245.6: 4th of April, 2016

I am considering the concept of a couple of things at the moment. I would really like to do an art lesson/class set on the internet. I want to help teach people about the history of art, what goes into it, and hopefully instill some value in something so classically undervalued. At least until the death of the artist, or a piece being purchased and resold by a collector. I want to go all the way to the beginning of art which is a long way. Like artistry, it predates mankind. Homo Erectus was creating tools and figures from stone with clear artistic purpose. Along the way I want to teach the techniques involved. I love doing the spotlight Saturdays where I can do a diatribe into an artist and their mediums/techniques. I just want to go a step farther.

The other project is something I can only hint to. More or less, I am considering something with the ability to grow, be juried/moderated, and help with creating finished galleries online for artists with a focus in selling it. The simple thing to say is I am disgusted by DeviantArt and similar sites. I have my reasons I may go into later on.

Sorry, it took me so long to post this art piece. I decided on drawing an image of a rather perfect cosplayer. She had managed to really capture a real life version of Hilda from Pokemon Black/White. I recently gave those games a chance and found myself surprised by the depth that they were able to add with a few short lines about a couple of the side characters. As well as a fee of the creepier lines of codes concerning none other than the true relation of humans and Pokemon in the series.

Anyways, so I manage to finish this piece relatively quickly. I think total it took about 4 to 5 hours total for me to finish the piece. I am still struggling with coating the pieces with the proper materials or getting the ahold of new paper for me to draw with. That is why the images might look a little strange at first glance. They are created on two separate sheets of paper overlaid on backer paper. It’s why the light may look a little strange.  Once I use up the last of the paper I have, I will do just that. However, I will continue on.

So, until then, I hope you enjoy the piece and if you might be interested in purchasing or supporting my art feel free to contact me and let me know. Oh and I dont double sign. I have lightroom set up to add in my signature automatically. Normally, it isn’t noticable. But for some reason it came through clearer than I thought.

eddie martin

18 x 12 inches
Arches Watercolour Paper Cold Press
Tombow Pencils and erasers
Krylon cystal clear Gloss
5 hours of work.




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