Mile 20128.1: Funny thing about flats…

When you ride a bike, flats happen all the time. I always seem to run into flats once every few months. I ended up another flat not too long ago. It happened the day I was riding into work.I got less than a mile and I realized I had a problem.

I finally got the chance to pull it apart and find the source of the flat. I pulled several chunks of glass out of my tire. They were deeply embedded to the point where I had to gently, yet firmly pull it away using a set of pliers. None of the pieces seemed to go deep enough to cause real damage and I hadn’t found any punctures.

Instead, it came from a staple that was embedded in the sidewall. I pulled that out before I even pulled the tire off the bike. I had a suspicion that that would be it, and sure enough it was. I am going to test the tire here in a couple of minutes. Hopefully, I’m set. I got work tomorrow mid day.

Anyways, have a lovely day.

eddie martin


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