Mile 20112.2: Spring Gallery

So Spring is definitely in full bloom at the moment. Being somebody from Florida, the idea of Spring coming around and a sudden burst of colour made no sense. Yes, Spring did seem to mark a different time of the year. What it really meant was storms, lightning, and the brutal trend of heat up until effectively winter grasping us again. You do get 2 seasons in Florida, “Oh gods Im dying,” which is 80% of the year, and “5 more degrees colder and it would be why I would love Florida” winter.

Yet, now I am something like 2000 miles from where I lived for almost my entire life. I love the difference in seasons and weather here in Ohio. The climate is simply fantastic. I can understand how in the north some people may not have Air conditioning. If throwing open a window and turning on a fan does what is needed, why bother with an expensive AC unit. That being said, I completely understand and appreciate having it for those moments when post ride I feel like I need to climb into a freezer.

Anyways, Spring is here and here is a small gallery of just the colour I found in the couple of blocks around my place. Soon enough I will do another 8 mile walk in the Short North and photograph the insane contrast of dereliction versus resurrection. That whole area is growing and expanding like some strange creature of glass and steel wrapping around the skyline.

Until then, have a nice day.

eddie martin


One comment

  1. Chloe Alexandra · March 24, 2016

    The succulents in the pot is still my favourite picture.


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