Mile 20095.2: Dealing with a little Heat

I still suck at recording my mileage on Strava.

My actual mileage is definitely over 100 miles for the year and should be much higher in general. Unfortunately, I always forget to turn on Strava. Honestly, they should release a little bluetooth button that just turns it on and thats all. It would be rather nice and cheap versus buying some $300 device that could do the same.

Anyways, the bigger reason why I am doing this post… Is about my cat. She is fantastic and amazing, but she has been driving me insane.

My cat, Gwen, is coming up on being a year old. I’ve kinda decided that her “birthday” is probably going to be April 1st. She was a kitten season kitten, so having an exact day isnt going to be easily pinned down. I ended up adopting her due to chance. A friend of a friend posted her image online saying that she needed a home. That she was sweet and loveable, however was housed with two other cats. I said I would be more than willing despite the fact that I was on the wrong side of Florida. She decided on driving clear across the state of Florida to bring her to me.

She was absolutely tiny when I got her. I doubt she could have weighed more than a couple of pounds tops. Despite her size, she always looked like a cat and not a kitten. My mom said she must have been part bat due to her massive ears. To a minor degree, I happen to agree with my mom on that.


Yet, what my little cat felt she was going to do, was lodge herself into every impossibly terrible hiding spot in my apartment. It wasn’t even with in ten minutes. And she led to dig her way into my heart and I guess mine into hers. She starts crying anytime she can’t see me or if she hears me (and well, can’t see me.)

Anyways, 2 major moves, 2000 miles plus… I now live with my aunt and her old cat. Gwen loves it here with more room than she needs to run around with. Plenty of little places for her to hide and stealth tackle people as they walk by. Yet, due to my lack of stable work I pushed something I should have taken care of on the back burner.

I should have gotten Gwen fixed.

To be fair, I definitely had the spare cash for it for a little while. It would have only run me about 70 bucks. It just didn’t seem like a priority at the time. Her first couple of days were normally pretty bad, but then by the third night she would be fine. I could just put her in her crate (or kennel,) and she would proceed to be quiet for the rest of the evening.

It was 2 am when I woke up and Gwen threw herself upon me for petting and love. It’s 6 and I have told her to be calm quite a few times already….

Now, this is day 4 or 5… I dunno, I am losing count. Gwen is mostly out of heat, however she still is acting a little crazy at times. Yowling for a couple of minutes. Purring and cooing for “love” while I pet her. And she keeps presenting herself despite me trying to sleep. She has also realized that she can lick herself and well… Please herself. It is kind of driving me nuts. The major action of her’s that I don’t think I would have expected is that she has figured out how to get out of her kennel herself. I have woken up a couple of days now where she is snuggled in with me despite me having locked her in.

Still, I love the little brat. I’m sure she will throw herself across my art work as I attempt to draw.

eddie martin


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