Mile 20089.8: Breaking off a little rust

Spring is here.

So I decided on working a little art. Its been quite a while and wanted to start off with something I could get a good number of references from. I’ve also always been a big fan of Metal Gear. The newest one, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain may be one of the best games I have played and that was something I wasn’t expecting to be saying so soon after getting immersed in Life is Strange. 

Normally I tend to steer away from fan art. I don’t have much against it, however often times videogames and realism never really match up. Often times it is as far from realism as it can get. Or it lives a life solidly in the uncanny valley. With MGSV it was completely separate. Kojima (the game’s creator and probable inter-dimensional being) has always stress realism in his games despite some of the craziness of the stories. Yet they have always pushed for people to look like people and move like actual people. To the point where you are dragging your way through the first 15 minutes of MGSV like somebody who had actually been in a coma for 9 years. When it comes to one of my favorite characters in the game at the moment, They really did a great job avoiding the uncanny valley. Hell, they found an actual person to model for Quiet and used her voice to a point. I mean… So far Quiet has kinda sighed and hummed. In fact, I like the humming despite what everyone online says.

Now I did change up some of the art work a little bit in terms of design. If putting her in clothes wouldn’t work in terms of canon for her character, I would love to put her in shorts and a tank top.

That outfit is… something?

She could put a bullet in you from half a mile or more no problem, as long as she isn’t wearing too much. For those of you not familiar with her character, Quiet attempts to assassinate your character several times at the beginning of game. She suffers severe burns due to a chemical fire and still tries to kill you. She reappears later on as a crack shot sniper, who doesn’t wear a lot of clothing. It turns out she can turn invisible due to a form of camo thanks to a parasite. Also she breaths through her skin now and there is some other reasons why clothing would be a negative thing for her to wear lots of. To be honest, the narrative fits and she is an absolute badass from what I have seen.

In Kojima we trust.

Anyways, its been about 6 months since I drew anything seriously. I figured it was high time I broke out the art supplies and threw myself back into it. Luckily, it went fairly well despite the rust I have built up over the last few months.

I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to share this with others. If you are interested in supporting my art habit feel free to let me know. It is expensive and any support is appreciative.

The final work.


eddie martin



PS: for those of you who might like to see it in progress.



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