Mile 20078: a case made new

For about the last year, I have had a nice camera. It was a gift from my parents to help me out with what I was doing online and with my photography. The more I worked on things, the more I came to cherish and treasure the camera. I have also come to learn a fair amount about cameras as a whole.

However, I had lacked a case for it.

Now I had my eyes on a Pelican case. I was considering the 1120 Pelican Case. It would have been water resistant, weatherproof, impact resistant, somewhat bullet resistant as well, and blast resistant. Pelican makes a hell of an impressive case that comes in a wide variety of colours. Even the foam they use for the cases is awesome. It gives the owner full customization of the interior of the case. It is pick and pluck, so you can shape out whatever you need.

Which for cameras is fantastic.

Unfortunately, locally it is something like 40 to 50 bucks to get the case. B&H happens to sell it for closer to $24 which is very reasonable. I just never had a chance to put in an order for one. It was never at the top of my priorities, mainly because I dont really carry the camera too often. When I d, I happen to have a perfect pocket in my bag for it. I could even pick up a microcase and slide that into the same pocket. That would get me some level of protection for when I am on the move. Yet what I wanted for a while was a better long term storage option.

I happen to have come across one while I was helping my Aunt sort through a deluge of products from eons past. This case had been sitting under some blankets for a while and I thought it might have been a gun case or similar. I had kind of avoided it for that reason. Guns dont make me uneasy or anything, however I didn’t feel like taking out an untested weapon that had been collection dust for at least 12 years. Come to find out the case belonged to my grandfather on my mom’s side. He past away, so it goes. I dont harbor too much emotion, but going by what my mom told me about him… I was even more hesitant about opening the case.

Inside though, was an old super 8mm camcorder. it is a pretty nice Minolta and it still works. Which is impressive. it had all the corresponding parts and a couple of cleaners for the reels. Inside was a set of film cassests. I told my Aunt we should burn those, the film. It would be the best way to destroy them (she doesnt want to just chuck the film.) I know that sounds harsh, but my grandfather had a motel stub in the case and going by his character, it would be better to destroy the film. I dont want to know what he was filming at a motel.

Of course, that aside the case was a little beat up but was in fantastic shape. I ended up pulling it out, cleaning it, and I will probably be picking up some pick and pluck foam so I have something to put all my camera gear inside of. Who knows, maybe I will have a job that will afford me the option of buying some additional lenses. Then I would really need a case this size. For now, I just gave it a quick coat of paint and figured I would go from there.

Here is the before.

This here is what the finished work is like.

The first quote is from the song, “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It” by Stars. It is a fantastic song and worth a listen. The official music video is pretty good as well. The second is from FLCL. It felt only right to have it on here, seeing how Mamimi was a Photographer in the show and it fit nicely.

Finally, some cat. And look, she fits nicely inside that section of the case I haven’t filled yet.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. What’s left of it.

eddie martin


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