Mile 20069.4

So I wrecked my previous bike.

Maybe wrecked its the right term. Though it feels like the right term to me right now. All thanks to an act of stupidity on my part I damaged the front wheel (snapped it completely… And lost a spoke nipple. shrug,) and f***ed up the whole frame. I mean, the frame was still okay. But the front fork was a little messed up and there was some signs of rust damage on areas that I didn’t want.

The massive reason for it, I landed on the bike. I landed on the front wheel and the bike itself. It was either that or fall sideways into a parked car, or traffic. After a short walk back to the bike shop I picked up what I needed to keep moving. Luckily, I heard a rumor about another little gem of a bike shop by the name of Revolution Bikes. This shop was based out of a building connected with an old theatre. It from the outside looked like it had seen better days.

The windows were boarded up and the front doors seemed just a little off. However, the moment I took a step inside I knew I was in the bike shop I had been hoping for. It was honestly a little bike boutique more than a traditional bike shop. And it was way to showy to be a bike mechanics’ grease pit.

That being said, they helped hook me up with the track frame I have been wanting. They were breaking it down from an old display model. So for 470 or so, I was hooked up with a Cane Creek 110 headset, a Leader full carbon fiber fork, and a a Leader 725 track frame. That is easily 40% off the based price and they switched out all of my gear off the old frame for nothing. Which is about 100 dollar savings easy.

And now, my bike is just… Damn.

It still needs a little work. The front brake is a little odd, and the light ring is giving me a little bit of trouble. It is clipping against the frame in a very tiny little area. Of course, these images were taken just a couple days ago. And as of yesterday… Well, it is back to snow, snow, snow.

Anyways, here is my Shade. I need to come up with a better name for her. But She is just kinda sexy at the moment.


I am now on Strava, so my mileage might become quite accurate. When I remember to engage it. My bike computer is resting now, and will be forever. It served me well, but now why not use gps. I just have to remember to turn the damn thing on.


One comment

  1. cawinans4771 · February 10, 2016

    I know I already told you this, but it’s just so sleek! I love it.


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