Mile 19400?: Snow and Tofu


“Winter has come”

Alright, somebody can finally tell the Starks (whichever ones are actually left that is,) that Winter has come. The snow came finally and was more than I could have expected. It is beautiful. Honestly, as a Floridian and never had seen snow to this point, the snow is absolutely beautiful. Its been a long time since I have smiled with the joy I felt watching it as it fell. And the way it covers everything is amazing.

Snow softens things, it hides the decay I first saw when I moved here to Ohio. It lightens the edges and the city has been bathed in white. The sun may be intense when it hits and it is cold (very cold,) however I can’t help but welcome it. The cycling is going to be taking a backseat for a little bit until I can sort out the rear gear and finally be set up with a proper fixed gear bike. It pains me, but if it saves me for spring than I will do what I must. Of course, I will be cycling regardless.

Now, what’s with the tofu?

Alright , last night I got to go to a local asian place that served some awesome food. For the first time I went a head and tried something new. It turned into a bit of a tapas place for a bit. We were all sharing our dishes curious in what we all had. In my case, I had ordered General Tso’s Tofu…

No joke. It was lightly fried tofu. It had been battered, like it was dredged real quick in a little cornstarch then fried. Deep fried. Which transformed tofu in a way I had never had before. I mean, I have eaten a lot of tofu. I like tofu, it is great in a number of different dishes and applications. It is relatively flavorless which gives one the ability to make it into anything. And silken tofu for vegan food is what butter is to normal cooking. Silken tofu can be used for everything.

And I mean everything.

But, this tofu was fried. The outside was fantastically crisp while the inside was soft and fluffy. The texture was really refreshing and enjoyable which aren’t always words I use to describe tofu in chunks that size. The process it pretty easy to make and it is something that I am adding to the list of foods I will need to make. The only thing standing in the way is this little s***…


I know that sounds terrible, but she defines trouble. Like you could probably look her up in the dictionary (by the way, do people still use those?) and find an image of her attempting to get herself injured. All my cooking stuff is cat safe because it is all cat accessible. Therefore, I am going to have to find some form of smaller fryer inorder to be able to cook with the kitten in close range. I love the hell out of her, but this image was taken first thing this morning after she was touching my face for like a half hour I guess making sure I wasn’t dead. And she is so smug about it too.

So f****** smug.


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