Mile 19153

Im debating on whether or not it will be worth having… Say a final huzzah for the year on being bad food wise. I mean, I have been trying to avoid bad food, eat well, and stick to being a bad vegetarian. It has its own merits to being so. I’m just debating. My weight is sitting at 320 lbs even right now. I could hop on the bike and ride down to the grocery store and grab food for at least a couple of days (which I plan on doing.) Yet I could also not, I could just ride down the road and pick up some junk and have that final send off before inherently following on the diet I have in mind.

Ultimately, I am going to make a choice and I have to hope that it will not suck. Of course, I lost a fair portion of the money I had intended for food when I had to go out and purchase $80 cycling shoes on Friday courtesy of my shoes utterly failing on me. I’m gonna take a shower, figure this out and either way, I am getting on the bike.

Have a lovely end to your weekend.


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