Mile 19100?

Its been one of those nights. First I broke a spoke, I went to go change it and the nipple slipped into the rim. Then I took off the tire to change the spoke, put the tire back one, and my airpump dies. Then I got a ride to the store and we find an adapter, there is a tear around my valve stem. From there, I replace the tub, go to inflate, and the manual pumps are broken. Finally we get a working pump and it wont go about 10psi. There was a tear in the tube…

Im tired, and in a bad mood. I think I am gonna just crash for the night. Honestly, I dont really have the will to even bother to check where my mileage really stands. Tomorrow I have to buy a new tube for the bike and hopefully slot the fucker. I hope the bike shop will fill it with air for me and I can be back on the bike. I will only have to go one more day this week.



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