Mile 19062

This a a quick post on a political view, if you like it, that’s great. If you don’t, approach it as something constructive. Issues are better addressed than turned into arguments.

So here’s a thought. Most of my family is largely republican and see socialism as being some devout evil system.

Yet, Medicare and Medicaid are both socialized programs. They are tax based health programs.
For years people have been freaking out about Social Security, that we are defunding it and that people can’t retire in x number of years. And that is definitely a socialist program. Hell Social is in the title.
People are freaking out about businesses needing to pay an actual living wage, that the socialist agenda is going to force businesses to do it. And many republicans demand a removal of a federally regulated minimum wage. Of course most of the people pushing for that are going off the days where 2 bucks could buy you a meal. Now you would be lucky to get one for under 5 and is actually a proper meal.

Under FDR several socialist programs were passed by a man who largely expanded the powers of the president and engaged in a war. Under his and Teddy Roosevelt’s leadership, we the people benefited.
Now to counter that, socialism has become the New Red Scare. Will we be looking to lock up anyone who mentions socialism in favor of a rampant capitalist system? One that if they had their way, we would all be paid in tokens only redeemable by the businesses we work for, and have Monopolies controlling every aspect of it? And if we are really going to do away with socialism and demonize it further, say goodbye to infrastructure and socialized systems in place already. No retirement, no disability benefits, and nothing to protect from your employers.
Call me a socialist, but I studied history, “Laise faire” and “Survival of the fittest” in the marketplace/government has not ended well and will not end well.
Steps off soap box.

Try to have a nice day and give somebody a smile you normally wouldn’t. Kindness angers people more than more anger.


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