Mile 18879


My Great Aunt and her Pseudo Boyfriend decided on taking me out to see the outer rim of the city. It was a chance to see the rolling hills, sweeping forests, and the Ohio country side. They wanted to show me the trees in the peak of Autumn. Where it would have been seas of Gold, Red, and Orange.
Things didn’t exactly go to plan. We had had a little bit of rain and some vicious winds. Those winds had been enough to strip the trees of those leaves.
Still, we continue to drive out into the middle of nowhere. And then we got there and it was called Logan.
And then we drove farther.

We ended up in a little town called New Straitville. It was a tiny town. With less than 200 people, this town was a single road. There was no real economy, no gas stations, stores, or hell… Cell service.
Actually, it was due to that fact alone we came across this little town.
We had been trying to locate the entrance to Wayne National Forest when I went from 4 full bars of 4g to nothing. I couldn’t even get enough signal to have it tell me I didn’t have signal. And so we came across New Straitville, a tiny mining town.

And we decided on going by one thing in town that seemed worth looking at. Robinson Cave.
The guy who tended the cave and attached Museum rushed out to meet us and give a full tour. He was very thorough and desperate to see somebody.  He explained about how the cave had once been a coal mine, that that coal mine was caught on fire by the Pinketons back during the labor strikes. And that they kept extensive records of those from the town had been off to war. All of them back to the civil war.
Of course, I think some of the records might have been fake. A book from the 1880’s would have aged. At least a bit. But if not, the book was in really good shape and the handwriting was beautiful.


The cave
The cave it’s self was shallow. Coal lined the cave wall with a thin vein of what looked like iron by the rust stain. I wasn’t quite able to get a good set of pictures of the cave itself.
The limestone ceiling seemed like it could have come away at any moment. The ceiling had recently by the looks of the chunks sitting at the base of cave. Each of them looked like they may have weighed more than a ton. Also, the water was dripping out of the limestone.
The water was acidic so I kept my distance.
By the end.
I was ready to sleep in the car as we were returning. My eyes felt exhausted and I was more than ready to pass out. We had to drop off my Great Aunt’s Boyfriends house and got to see the cats I had been watching over. They have gotten big!
I got home and had some stuff to work on. I was also tackled with love and attention by my cat once I was back. Still, it was a lovely day out and honestly, I look forward to my next day trip.


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